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Student Wellness: Mac Campus

14 Aug 2020

We are all going through unprecedented times with the COVID pandemic. It can make us feel lost, or overwhelmed, and wondering how to reach others. How can we help ourselves, whether mentally,...

All the cool kids are talking about…CAMPUS LIFE & ENGAGEMENT

29 Jun 2020

While you may already have seen a few emails from them in your McGill inbox already, we wanted to re-emphasize and promote their excellent content. You should have already received several of their...

Permanent Residence Info Session


Are you currently a student who wants to remain in Quebec? Find out when and how to apply for permanent residence at this information session, hosted by Immigration Québec and International Student...

Macdonald's Unsung Heroes - Bicentennial Faculty & Staff Celebration

Starting in 2020, the University will hold a series of events to recognize and celebrate McGill’s 200th anniversary. One of these events, a celebration of Faculty and Staff, will be held in June...

The Desert Revisited - A Celebration!

For over 40 years, groups of students and instructors have been packing into vans and heading south to experience the deserts and arid regions of the southern USA.

Lunch & Learn


The Macdonald Research Office is hosting a Lunch & Learn event.  Undergraduate students are welcome to attend....

Eastern Canadian Plant Phenotyping Platform (ECP3)

CFI awards $9.5M to the McGill-led Eastern Canadian Plant Phenotyping Platform...

The chemical language of the host-parasite interface

CFI awards $1.9M to the Chemical language of the host-parasite interface   


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