In-Course Faculty Scholarships in Dairy Production

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences who are interested in dairy or dairy cattle production may be eligible to receive an in-course scholarship.  This is an opportunity to identify yourself in order to be taken into consideration.  There are a number of minimum academic requirements including GPA, number of completed credits in an academic year (fall and winter) and the requirement of returning to continue your program in this Faculty in the next academic year.

You are eligible if...

  • you are interested in the dairy industry or in dairy cattle production
  • you will have completed 27 graded credits during the current academic year
  • you will be returning full-time to the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in the fall
  • You have a high sessional GPA  (3.50 or higher)

Yes?! Then you might be eligible for one of several in-course faculty scholarships. Don’t miss out!  Identify yourself!

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