Advanced Standing

Advanced credits and/or exemptions

Certain Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced Level (AL), and International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations are considered to be equivalent to specific McGill courses. In such cases, in addition to advanced credits, exemptions from specific McGill courses are granted. If you are exempted from a particular McGill course, you may not take this course for credit.

Advanced standing: You may receive up to a maximum of 30 advanced standing credits for CEGEP Diploma, Advanced Placement examinations (APs), International Baccalaureate examinations (IBs), Advanced Levels (ALs), and the French Baccalaureate Diploma.

Students admitted to McGill from CEGEP: Specific CEGEP courses are considered to be equivalent to McGill courses. Certain of these courses may be used to fulfill program requirements. If students take a McGill course for which they have a CEGEP equivalent, they will not receive additional credit for the McGill course. Credits required to maintain scholarships or to maintain full-time status must be McGill credits. Advanced standing credits do not count as part of this total.


In the majority of cases, when official documents have been received by the Student Affairs Office, the credit requirement in your letter of admission will accurately reflect the number of credits you must complete for your degree. Without official documents, you are admitted into a 120-credit degree and are notified in your letter of admission that advanced credits will be considered upon receipt of official documentation. An official document is one which is sent directly to McGill by the issuing institution. Documents that you bring to our office are not considered official.

You must arrange to have official documents sent directly to the Student Affairs Office from the appropriate examination board before any credits can be officially transferred to your record. Please note that Advanced Placement examination results with a score of 4 or 5 MUST be declared at the time of initial registration at the University.

Please make sure that any missing official documents arrive at the Student Affairs Office as soon as possible after classes begin.

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