BSc Nutritional Sciences: Advising

Welcome to the School of Human Nutrition!

General advising notes and information on course selection for both newly admitted and returning students can be found on the following websites:

For Dietetics:

For Nutrition:

New students’ academic advisors will be assigned over the summer.  To be assigned an advisor, you must be registered for at least one course. Once assigned, your advisor’s name will appear on your unofficial transcript viewable on Minerva.

If you are a transfer student or have been awarded advanced standing or have completed a French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate Diploma, you may require modifications to the recommended schedule as suggested on the websites above. Please consult your Academic Advisor before finalizing your class schedule.

Due to the faculty's Freshman year requirements which include two semesters in each of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus, you may be required to follow some of these basic courses before or during your progression to your chosen Major. The list of basic math and science prerequisite courses for the B.Sc. (Nutritional Sciences) can be found at

Your record will be evaluated once your official examination results are received by McGill. Should you be missing and/or not have achieved the minimum required score for exemption in the equivalent basic prerequisites, these courses will be added to your program and the adjustment will appear on your record in Minerva. As a result, your Major may be changed to Freshman. If this is the case, the courses you will be taking in your first year will be different from the ones listed on the Dietetics and Nutrition advising webpages.

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