BSc Food Science: Advising

Welcome to Macdonald campus!

The Academic Advisor for newly admitted students for Fall 2018 is:
Professor Varoujan Yaylayan
Macdonald Stewart Building, MS1-033

All other Food Science students should consult the Academic Advisor Listing for their current advisor

Food Science Programs at a Glance: Fall Entry 2018

R=Required Course for an option       E=Take an Elective Course      **=Given in both fall and winter terms


Food Chemistry

Food Science


Term 1 (fall even) 2018

FDSC 200 Introduction to Food Science R R 3.0
FDSC 213 Analytical Chemistry 1 R R 3.0
LSCI 211 Biochemistry 1** R R 3.0
FDSC 230 Organic Chemistry or elective (see note below) R/E R/E 3.0/4.0
000 Elective E E 3.0

NOTE: FDSC 230 Organic Chemistry - Need only be taken if it not been taken at CEGEP or in the McGill Freshman program, otherwise choose an elective in the first term. For those who have not taken it, if it does not fit into the program in Term 2 take it in Term 6 where it is a non-conflicting course.


Term 2 (winter odd) 2019

FDSC 233 Physical Chemistry R R 3.0
FDSC 251 Food Chemistry 1 R R 3.0
LSCI 230 Introductory Microbiology R R 3.0
FDSC 334 Analysis of Food Toxins & Toxicants R R 3.0
AEMA 310 Statistical Methods 1** R R


Returning students:

Please consult with your Academic Advisor if you have questions about your course selection.