Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide a detailed description of commonly used procedures. SOPs offer investigators an alternative to writing detailed procedures in their protocol. Any deviation from the approved procedures must be clearly described and justified in the Animal Use Protocol form. Approval of the protocol indicates approval of the deviation from the SOP for that project only.


Small Animal Research Unit (SARU)

01-Storage Room
02-Cleaning Side of Cage Washer
03-Cleaning Dirty Side of Cage Washer
04-Sanitizing of Animal Facility
05-Sanitizing of Operating Room
06-Waste Management
07-Animal Care Outside of Normal Working Hours
08-Ventilated Cage Rack

Large Animal Research Unit (LARU)

01-Animal Reception
02-Husbandry Schedule Swine
03-Daily Feeding and Watering
04-Animal Transport
05-Swine Preparation for Surgery
06-Swine Anesthesia for Surgery
07-Surgery and Pre-Op Room Cleaning
08-Controlled Drug Record Keeping
09-Fire Evacuation
LARU #10 (Calves)-Animal Reception
LARU #11 (Calves)-Husbandry Schedule Calves
LARU #12 (Calves)-Daily Feeding and Watering
LARU #13 (Calves)-Calf Preparation for LOPU
LARU #14 (Calves)-Calf Anesthesia for LOPU
LARU #15 (Calves)-Post LOPU Care of Calves
LARU #16 - Fire Evacuation Plans

Macdonald Campus Farm

DC-121 Flushing Gutters in the Dairy Barn
DC-206 Box Stall Sanitation
DC-207 Tie Stall Sanitation
DC-208 Heifer Pen/Stall Sanitation
DC-209 Calf Pen Sanitation
DC-301 Body Condition Scoring for Dairy Cows
DC-302 Lameness Scoring for Dairy Cows
DC-303 Injury Scoring for Dairy Cows
DC-304 Cleanliness Assessment for Dairy Cows
DC-305 Mastitis Monitoring and Detection
DC-306 Mastitis Treatment
DC-501 Colostrum Management
DC-502 Milk Replacer Preparation
DC-503 Calf Identification
DC-503.1 Calf Feeding
DC-601 Milk House Pre-Milking Setup
DC-602 Milk House Post-Milking Wash
DC-603 Bulk Tank Sanitizing Procedures
DC-604 Box Stall Milker Sanitization
DC-605 Preparing Cows for Milking
DC-606 Post-Milking Procedure
DC-607 Milking Procedure - General
DC-608 Milking Fresh Cows
DC-609 Milking Pail Cows in Tie Stalls
DC-610 Milking Pail Cows in Box Stalls
DC-611 Milking Staphylococcus aureus Positive Cows
DC-612 Milking Antibiotic-Treated Cows
DC-613 Accidental Milking Antibiotic-Treated Cows into Milking System
DC-614 Dry Treating Cows
DC-615 Sampling Milk
DC-616 Milk Culturing
DC-617 California Mastitis Test (CMT)
DC-A-5A Colostrum Quality Reading
DC-A-6A Herd Health Scoring Record
DC-A-6B Injury Scoring Record for Dairy Cows
DC-A-6C Lameness Scoring for Dairy Cows
DC-A-6D Cleanliness Assessment Record for Dairy Cows

Donald McQueen Shaver Poultry Complex

Broiler Barn: Daily Routine
Broiler Barn: Facility Set-up
Broiler Barn: General Overview
Disposal of Dead Birds
Egg Collection - Room 100
Egg Collection - Room 200
Manure Management
Refrigeration of Eggs
Temperature Monitoring
Weighing Birds


529 01-Sheep Husbandry