CFI-IOF Reserve Fund

Objectives of the Funding

A small proportion of Infrastructure Operating Funds (IOF) received in association with CFI grants is available. These funds can be used to support the maintenance and operations of any CFI eligible-funded facilities. Within the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, we are targeting campus-based core facilities and shared platforms that benefit large numbers of users. Priority will be given to those applications that align with the strategic research priorities of the Faculty. Applications must demonstrate the need for the operating/maintenance funding, the added-value of the facility, usage, and impact, and should present the sustainability strategy.

Eligibility Criteria

The facility or resource targeted must have been purchased through CFI funding (Innovation Fund, Leading Edge Fund, Leaders Opportunity Fund during the period 2001-2018)

Use of Funds/Eligible Expenses

Funding requests must focus on operating or maintenance costs; No upgrades will be funded.

Eligible expenses include:

  1. salaries of Personnel directly involved in operation and maintenance of CFI-funded infrastructure
  2. extended warranties and service contracts not included in original CFI budget
  3. maintenance and repairs (excluding upgrades)

Direct costs of research, student stipends, clerical support salaries are INELIGIBLE.

Amount and Period of Funding

The total amount of funding available will be based on the justified needs of the core facility.

Application/Final report

Applicants will need to complete the downloadable form. The successful applicants will be required to submit an annual report detailing how the funds were utilized and the benefits accrued to the users.

Applications must be submitted to ADR at: researchassociatedean.macdonald [at]

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