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The First Year Experience

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Your Freshman year can be exciting as well as sometimes scary. We recognize first year stressors and challenges and address them before they become problems that could affect your academic career. While academics promote deep learning and thinking skills, engagement in campus life and community are proven to ensure a smooth transition to university life. While enjoying your first year, you will have several opportunities to check in with your freshman advisors to discuss your academic progress or your adjustment to new challenges.  Advisors are available each step of the way.

Freshman Seminar


The Freshman Seminar is a dedicated course built to develop critical academic and life skills while introducing students to scholarly inquiry. Through a carefully developed student success workshop series you will learn about a variety of topics from time management to sustainable agriculture. You will discover your strengths and interests while also building a solid foundation for your future academic success.


Choosing your Major


This can be a daunting endeavour.  During Freshman Seminar you will be introduced to all the programs and degrees we offer in our faculty. Majors Fair, which takes place at the end of your first year, gives you an added opportunity to further your knowledge about your future major or program of choice.  During Majors’ Fair, faculty members, students and advisors from all programs come together in an informal setting to mingle and establish future connections.

The 2017 Majors Fair will take place on April 4, from 10-11:30 AM in the Ceilidh, Centennial Centre.


Experiential Learning


Try an Internship on for size!
We strongly encourage our Freshman students to further their curiosity and take part in other valuable experiential learning opportunities we have available in the faculty. It’s never too early to learn differently and more. Learn more on the Internship Office website.


Student Life on Campus


The university experience is more than just academics. Students are encouraged to take part in a variety of on-campus activities that help them make new friends, gain new skills, and find new interests.

The Macdonald Campus is home to dozens of clubs and societies. Below are a few groups that may interest you! To see a full list of the clubs and societies on the Mac campus, check out the “Clubs At Mac” page on the Macdonald Campus Students’ Society website.

Stewart Athletics Complex: Come blow off some steam in the weight room, or come join a friendly game! Badminton, indoor soccer, basketball, and indoor volleyball are played, just to name a few. All skill levels welcome.

Out-Of-The-Garden Project is student-run café that serves healthy, yummy food to students grown right on campus. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

Happy Belly: Think globally, act locally. To help reduce food waste, Happy Belly collects still-edible food thrown away by grocery stores and provides a free meal to students once per week.


Thinking About the Future


The job of a good university is to prepare its students for the future - both inside the classroom and out. That’s why McGill University Macdonald campus is committed to helping students create their perfect career plan and send them on the path of success. Check out all the ways McGill University Macdonald Campus helps students plan for the future!

CaPS - Career Planning Service


The Career Planning Services office is devoted to helping students create a great start to their professional lives in their chosen field. Whether students are looking for information about job opportunities, internships, international employment, volunteering or even furthering their education, CaPS streamlines the process and helps students make informed decisions. The Career Resource Centre includes employers directories, career descriptions and all the ins and outs of how to get a job. Students also have access to employment opportunities posted on the CaPS website and the chance to meet with a Career Advisor who can assist them at any stage of the job-hunt process - from choosing a career to writing a stellar CV to acing an interview.

For inquiries: Call 514-398-7582 or email caps.macdonald [at]


Workshops and Career Fairs


Every month, McGill University Macdonald Campus hosts career development workshops and talks designed to teach students how to land their dream job. Topics vary from honing internship interview skills to the importance of STEM work. McGill University Macdonald Campus also hosts regular job fairs, putting students in direct contact with companies and organization looking for graduates. Job fairs are organized by field of study and are a great opportunity for students to network and speak to potential employers in a low-pressure setting.

For a full list of current career events, click here or log in to myFuture


myFuture and myJobs


myFuture is a university-wide job search and career tool. Students can use it find a plethora of full- and part-time emplyment and internship opportunities. Can students can also use myFuture to upload documents (such as cover letters, CVs, transcripts, etc.), view employer profiles, register for events, workshops and information sessions, and sign up for interviews.

Students can also check out myJobs for employment opportunities abroad.

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