Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Two 30-credit post-baccalaureate certificates are offered in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Applicants must hold a BSc degree

Note for applying:

On the second page of the on-line form under "application type", choose Undergraduate/Professional, NOT graduate. Under the "highest level of education", do not enter anything lower than Bachelor’s degree/Equivalent, Master’s or Doctorate otherwise the certificate will not be listed as an option. On the third page, the first entry "Faculty" should be Agric-Environ-Sci and the second entry, for "Program" should be the certificate of your choice.

Certificate in Ecological Agriculture

This 30-credit certificate program is very similar to the Minor program and is designed to focus on the principles underlying the practice of ecological agriculture. The certificate may be of special interest to professional agrologists who want further training, as well as formal recognition that they have completed a coherent program of courses beyond their B.Sc. studies.

Students holding a B.Sc. in agriculture or a related area are eligible to register for this program provided that they are otherwise acceptable for admission to the University. Students who have completed the Minor or specialization in Ecological Agriculture are not permitted to register for this program.

Certificate (Cert.) Ecological Agriculture (30 Credits)

Certificate in Food Science

This program is geared toward mature students, who have an undergraduate degree in a science-related discipline, to acquire the basic knowledge in the food science area to enter food-related industries or a food science graduate program. Students must complete a core course that introduces them to the basics of the field of food science and then choose complementary courses that allow a broad-based exposure in areas such as food chemistry/analysis, food microbiology/nutrition, quality assurance/safety, processing/engineering, communication skills, and ethics.

Certificate (Cert.) Food Science (30 Credits)