About Us


Bieler Family Internship Office

In September 2009, the Bieler Family Internship Office opened through a generous contribution from McGill Macdonald Alumni, Mr. and Mrs. Marc Bieler, of Canneberges Atoka Cranberries Inc. The Internship Office helps to facilitate student internships by offering students guidance on which internships to pursue, assisting with paperwork and applications, giving information on funding and awards and offering advice on cover letters and resumes.

Internship Program

The Internship Program was established to allow all undergraduate students the opportunity to complete a short term internship, prior to graduation. Additionally, they will receive recognition of this internship from McGill on their academic transcripts. Evaluation for the program is based on the completion of certain academic reports and students will receive a pass or fail noted on their transcripts if registered in the FAES 200 course or a final grade if registered in the FAES 300 course. The program is offered in the fall, winter and summer semesters and interns are required to complete a minimum of 10 weeks with their host organization.

Organizations and companies interested in hosting a McGill Macdonald intern, please click here for more information.