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The McGill Woodswomen team, captained by Stephanie Belanger-Naud, completely dominated the field at the 55th annual Woodsmen competition held January 24th on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University. The team comprised of Meagan Dustin, Jessica Logan, Kimberly Duheme, Julie MacFarlane, Evelyn Levac, and of course Stephanie Belanger-Naud, captured an amazing first place finish in ten of the fourteen events.

The ladies placed first in Cross-cut Sawing (Team), Log Decking (Team), Pulp Throw(Team),  Swede Sawing (Team), Quarter Splitting (Kimberly Duheme, Evbelyn Levac), Standing Block Chop (Julie MacFarlane, Meagan Dustin),  Underhand Chop (Stephanie Belanger Naud, Jessica Logan), Single Buck Saw (Stephanie Belanger-Naud), Super Swede Saw (Julie MacFarlane), Snow shoe (Evelyn Levac). This team has worked very hard for the University, and are already focusing on their next competition which will be held at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Truro, Nova Scotia in two weeks’ time.

The men’s team came very close, only seventy points off first place. A strong day by Captain Rony Odermatt , Bob Tolhurst, Jessee Rogatini-Gamble, Dominic Mercier-Provencher, Sebastien Latraverse, Matthew Burns, Spare Matthew  Sweenan.

The two rookie teams placed very respectively, and show great promise for the future.

“I would like to thank the teams for their hard work, their dedication to McGill, and all those wonderful six a.m. practices in interesting weather,” says Coach John Watson.  Watson who has coached McGill Woodsmen teams for over forty years, and captured more than 100 championships, will retire from the University after the Nova Scotia competition.

“I am fortunate to have had the privilege and the honor of teaching and working with over 650 students in the field of lumberjacking on this campus. I am proud of each and every student I have put on the competition field. All of this is of course a team effort and I would like to thank former Athletic Director Bill Ellyett and his staff for their constant support which enabled me to grow with the program. I would also like to thank the University, for affording me the opportunity of bringing out the extraordinary talents of some of the very best students in Canada.”


Un extrait de pomme de terre pour contrôler l’obésité

Un extrait de pomme de terre irlandaise, riche en polyphénols, réduit de façon surprenante la prise de poids.

L'ingrédient miracle contre l'obésité est peut-être déjà dans votre garde-manger...  Un simple extrait de pommes de terre pourrait limiter la prise de poids qu'entraîne un régime riche en gras et glucides raffinés. C’est ce qu’avance une étude réalisée par des chercheurs de l’Université McGill, qui ont été si surpris des effets de cet extrait qu’ils ont reconduit l’expérience pour en avoir le cœur net. Lire article...

Controlling obesity with potato extract

Extract of Irish potatoes, rich in polyphenols, reduces weight gain to a surprising extent.

Take a look in your pantry: the miracle ingredient for fighting obesity may already be there. A simple potato extract may limit weight gain from a diet that is high in fat and refined carbohydrates, according to scientists [Stan Kubow, Danielle Donnely & Luis Agellon] at McGill University.

The results of their recent study were so surprising that the investigators repeated the experiment just to be sure. Read press release...

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June 18-2013

Well done! BRE students Laurie Bennett, Marilyn Brière-Deschênes, Antony Glover, Janick Hardy and Mary-Elizabeth Konrad were part of the McGill team recently recognized by the Scotiabank Ecoliving Awards. The students worked on one of several projects undertaken by the McGill Energy Project as part of the BRE Senior Design Project course: a solar water heating system feasibility and analysis in order to improve the efficiency of the hot water heating system in the University Residences

June 18-2013

A proud day for McGill


June 13-2013

Chris Buddle has been recognized once again for his outstanding teaching. At its annual conference this year, SALTISE awarded Chris with the Best Practices and Pedagogical Innovators Award for University Instructors largely for work he did with the St. Lawrence Ecosystems Course. Read more about his work here  


May 25-2013

Congratulations to co-authors Professor Harriet V. Kuhnlein and Chief Bill Erasmus on the publication of Indigenous People's Food Systems and Well-Being; Intervantions and policies for healthy communities. This is the third book in the series of unique books promoting the use of local food systems by Indigeneous Peoples.

Congrats once again to the McGill Feeding McGill project for its Gold Medal win in the Outreach and Education Category by the National Association of College and University Food Service Providers.


May 22-2013

Exciting discovery of a new cold water bacterium that thrives in the Canadian High Arctic may give us clues to life in elsewhere in our solar system. The research was carried out by an international team of researchers led by Professor Lyle Whyte and postdoctoral fellow Nadia Mykytczuk, (Natural Resource Sciences)

Macdonald College is the proud recipient of Holstein Canada’s “Century of Holsteins” award. The Farm, originally started by the college’s founder, Sir William Macdonald, was recognized in April at Holstein Canada’s national convention in Niagara Falls for having been a member for 100 consecutive years. Photo: Holstein Canada.