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Starting your Program

Mandatory Tutorials for All Students

Academic Integrity Tutorial

Graduate students must complete a mandatory online academic integrity tutorial. This may be accessed via Minerva (Student Menu > Academic Integrity Tutorial). New students must complete the tutorial within their first semester in order to prevent a hold being placed on their record.

“It Takes All of Us” Program

New students must complete It Takes All of Us, a mandatory online consent education program for everyone at McGill. Students must complete the program within their first semester in order to prevent a hold being placed on their record.

Student Award Payments

Graduate Student Stipend or Award

Students should first contact their Thesis Supervisor regarding any expected funding, to confirm the funding process and timeline.

To process a stipend/award payment for a graduate student registered in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, please contact the Graduate Program Administrator of the Macdonald Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Fillable Graduate Student Stipend Payment Authorization Form

Graduate Progress Tracking


All graduate students at McGill who began their programs as of Fall 2017 or later have access to an on-line progress tracking tool called “MyProgress”. It is linked to Minerva and tracks the program milestones and/or courses a student has completed, which ones are in progress, and which are yet to be completed. Course substitutions are also tracked in this system. Students and can access myProgress using their McGill Username and Password. Be sure to watch the “myProgress Quick Tour” video for instructions on how to use myProgress.

Students in non-thesis Master’s programs can use their MyProgress worksheet to guide them in their course selection each term to ensure they are fulfilling their degree requirements.

Students in AES MSc (thesis) and PhD programs:

All students in MSc thesis or PhD programs in our Faculty are expected to complete a first supervisory meeting and progress report by the end of the first term in their program. This report will document the student’s study plan and supervisory committee.

Doctoral students must complete a Letter of Understanding in the first term of their program. Each department has its own form for this milestone. Please consult your Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) or Graduate Program Director (GPD) to obtain this form.

All students must complete a regular progress tracking report yearly thereafter. Some Departments may require a semi-yearly report. Please consult your GPC or GPD to confirm.

Students are encouraged to take initiative and arrange meetings with their thesis supervisor and committee to ensure they complete their “milestones” in a timely manner.

Students and supervisors must use the GPS Progress Tracking Report form to document committee meetings, study plans, and student progress:

Once a report has been completed, signed by supervisor and other members, and approved by the GPD, the student should upload it to the appropriate Milestone in MyProgress, and advise their GPC.

Students should contact their GPC for more information regarding graduate progress reports and other Milestones required for their program.

Course Registration

How to Register on Minerva

Confirm Your Registration Each Year

Course Restrictions

  • If a course requires a pre-requisite or permission of instructor, you must e-mail the instructor directly to ask for this permission. Give your full name, student ID, graduate program, the desired course name and number, and the term.
  • For courses in our Faculty, permission of the instructor must then be forwarded to Ms. Jocelyne Begin (Jocelyne.begin [at] to enter the permission into the Minerva system, before the student may register.

Add/Drop After Deadline

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