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Fellowships for Foreign Students

Quebec Merit Fellowships for Foreign Students (PBEEE) | FRQNT-DE and FRQSC-DS Doctoral Fellowships for Foreign Students

Because of the popularity of this competition, all candidates are screened for basic eligibility before they are assessed on an in-depth, qualitative basis.



JUNE 12, 2017: prospective applicants must provide:a completed PBEEE Eligibility Screening form; and, 2) a copy of ALL postsecondary transcripts to Susan Gregus by 3 p.m. on Monday, June 12, 2017.

JUNE 16, 2017: Applicants will be informed by Friday, June 16th if they meet the GCPA eligibility requirements.

JULY 3, 2017: Applicant deadline: Those who meet the CGPA requirements will be asked to complete the PBEEE & DE/DS Eligibility Screening form and the pre-selection application and must return this to me by Monday, July 3,  2017. Please see

JULY 26, 2017: Faculty deadline: GPD/unit recommendations are due Wednesday, July 26, 2017 to Susan Gregus. Please see

Please see

Call for Nominations : PBEEE, FRQNT-DE, FRQSC-DS Fellowships for foreign PhD students and Postdocs

The Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur offers the Quebec Merit Fellowships for Foreign Doctoral Students, Postdocs and Short term Research Students.  The Fonds de recherche du Québéc – nature et technologies (FRQNT) is responsible for the administration of the program.  Similarly, FRQNT and FRQSC offer Doctoral research scholarships for international students (‘DE’ and ‘DS’, respectively). As with the PBEEE, these programs are by University nomination only.  

Programme des bourses d'excellence pour étudiants étrangers (PBEEE)
‘Quebec Merit Fellowships for foreign students’

The PBEEE competition has eleven (11) categories. Each department/unit may recommend to GPS one (1) candidate per PBEEE competition category. McGill's quota varies by citizenship.

Category Doctoral Postdoctoral Short-term
McGill Quota
at each level
Open V1 V2 V3 4
Brazil 1B 2B 3B 1
India 1I 2I 3I 1
Wallonie 1W n/a 3W 1

Reminder: Citizens of Mexico and China will be preselected by their own countries. However, should you wish to preselect a citizen of Mexico or China you may do so in the open category (V1, V2 or V3).

Categories, value and duration 

• Doctoral Students (V1, 1B, 1I, 1W): $25,000 per year for up to 3 years, with a possibility of extension for 12 months at a reduced amount; 
• Postdoctoral Scholarships (V2, 2B, 2I):  $35,000 per year for 1 year, non-renewable;
• Visiting Research Student and Visiting Researcher (V3, 2B, 3I, 3W): $3,000 per month for up to 4 months, non-renewable.

For more information please consult : PBEEE (while the agency website has not yet been updated with the 2018-2019 competition deadlines, general competition information remains current)

Programmes de bourses de doctorat en recherche pour étudiants étrangers (FRQNT-DE) & (FRQSC-DS)
‘Doctoral research scholarships for international students’

The DE competition is open to doctoral students of all foreign citizenships studying in the areas of: Aerospace, New information and communications technologies, New health technologies, Genomics, or Nanotechnologies.

The DS competition is open to doctoral students of all foreign citizenships studying in the areas of: Humanities, Social Sciences, or Arts and Literature.

Value: $20,000 per year

Duration: up to 3 years

Each department/unit may recommend one (1) candidate to GPS per each of the DE and DS competition categories.

For further information please consult:



(while the agencies’ websites have not yet been updated with 2018-2019 competition deadlines, general competition information remains current)

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