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January - December 2020

Josephine Ampofo, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Elicitation of phenolic biosynthesis and antioxidative capacities in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) sprouts

Karolin Dietrich, Bioresource Engineering
Sustainable polyhydroxybutyrate production in integrated forest biorefineries

Emmanuella Ellis, Bioresource Engineering
Consumer-food security nexus framework for understanding agri-food value chains

Samuel Ihuoma, Bioresource Engineering
The use of spectral reflectance data to assess plant stress and improve irrigation water management

Maria Kyriakidou, Plant Science
Genome assembly and discovery of structural variation in cultivated potato taxa

Mi Lin, Natural Resource Sciences
Spatio-temporal changes of groundwater and its management in the Yellow River Basin, China

Jesse Rieb, Natural Resource Sciences
The dynamics of multiple ecosystem services: Improving models for better management of multifunctional landscapes

Bhakti Shinde, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Microwave osmotic dehydration of mango cubes under continuous flow medium spray conditions using solute mixtures

Franziska Srocke, Plant Science
Biochar impacts on soil microbiota and potential application of biochar as an inoculant carrier for bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil

Emily Studd, Natural Resource Sciences
Biologging wildlife behaviour and the seasonality of boreal food webs

Jin Wang, Bioresource Engineering
Effects of novel food processing methods on allergenic and nutritional attributes of kiwifruit components

January - December 2019

Adeyemi Olutoyin Adegbenjo, Bioresource Engineering
Non-destructive assessment of chicken egg fertility using hyperspectral imaging technique

Ianina Altshuler, Natural Resource Sciences
The impact of an active soil microbial community on greenhouse gas emissions in Arctic cryosols

Annie von Eyken Bonafonte, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Development of non-targeted strategies for the analysis of trace organic contaminants in honey

Matthew J. Burke, Natural Resource Sciences
Energy democracy and the co-evolution of social and technological systems

Anna Colavecchio, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
The genomic and phenotypic characterization of phage-like plasmids and their ability to horizontally transfer antibiotic and heavy metal resistance genes to bacteria of foodborne importance

Jordan Demone, Plant Science
Characterizing the role of epigenetic component ADA2 in Brachypodium distachyon

Jaskaran Dhiman, Bioresource Engineering
Use of hydrogel based soil amendments to promote safe use of wastewater in agriculture

Naomi Dicks, Animal Science
Stress and coping responses in early embryonic development

Shima Sadeghi Ekbatan, School of Human Nutrition
Bioaccessibility, bioavailability and bioactivity of polyphenols and their microbial metabolites following simulated dynamic gastrointestinal digestion

Faezeh Eslamian, Bioresource Engineering
Evaluation and development of lime-based products to reduce phosphorus loss from agricultural soils

Marianne Falardeau-Côté, Natural Resource Sciences
The Arctic Ocean under multiple pressures: Linking impacts on marine ecosystem processes, ecosystem services, and human well-being

Duminda Vidana Gamage, Natural Resource Sciences
New Sensing technique to quantify spatio-temporal dynamics of soil water from point to field scale

Jennifer Gobby, Natural Resource Sciences
More powerful together: collaborative theorizing with social movements about decolonizing and decarbonizing Canada

Doris Gonzalez, Human Nutrition
Interpretation of maternal and fetal biomarkers in a population of pregnant indigenous women with coexisting nutrient deficiencies and infections

Karina Gutierrez, Animal Science
Refinement of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing efficiency and its application to the study of porcine early embryo development

Andrea Hill, Food Science
Stabilization of levansucrase, modulation of its specificity and a search for the improved synthesis of novel fructooligosaccharides and levans

Jin Li, Food Science
Mannoproteins and ß-Glucan from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast-based Products: Isolation and Characterization of Their Properties

Christie-Anna Lovat, Plant Science
Optimizing short term conservation methods for a functionally extinct tree species, American chestnut (Castanea dentata (Marsh.) Borkh.)

Klerkson Lugusa, Natural Resource Sciences
Institutions in public-private partnerships for natural resources conservation, management and use: A case study of the northern rangelands of Kenya

Ivy Mak, School of Human Nutrition
The biological importance and mechanisms of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on bone growth in diet-induced obesity: Investigation in children with obesity and rodents

Gail MacInnis, Natural Resource Sciences - Entomology
Bee diversity, pollination and fruit production in strawberry agroecosystems

Lizzette Moreno García, Bioresource Engineering
Microalgae biomass production in wastewaters as feedstock for biorefinery systems

Kelly Nugent, Natural Resource Sciences
Carbon cycling at a post-extraction restored peatland: Small-scale processes to global climate impacts

Chijioke Anthony Nwankpa, Bioresource Engineering
The impact of selected modification techniques on the physicochemical, rheological and thermal characteristics of some improved non-waxy rice flours

Jamil Samsatly, Plant Science
The role of vitamin B6 as an antioxidant during the abiotic and biotic interactions of the fungal pathogen Rhizoctonia solani

Elise Shepley, Animal Science
A cow in motion: The impact of housing systems on movement opportunity of dairy cows and the implications on locomotor activity, behaviour, and welfare

May Slim, Human Nutrition
Bone health and mineral metabolism in 14- to 18-year-old adolescents with usual low intake of milk products: implications of micronutrient intakes and response to a motivational interviewing dietary intervention trial

Ward Smith, Bioresource Engineering
Development of hydrologic processes in the DNDC model to explore beneficial management for reducing nutrient losses from cropping systems

Peter Tikasz, Bioresource Engineering
Development of a manure-based nutrient supply for hydroponic crop production using ion activity monitoring

Bo-Sen Wu, Bioresource Engineering
Light emitting diodes: refining a tool for plant response analyses and improved plant performance

Yi Zhang, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
A cold-active transglutaminase: purification, characterization, expression & application in producing food hydrogels

January - December 2018

Zhor Abail, Natural Resource Sciences
Physiological mechanisms for the maintenance of nitrogen stoichiometric homeostasis in earthworms and implications for soil nitrogen dynamics in temperate agroecosystems

Ademola Adekunle, Bioresource Engineering
Development of an autonomous biobattery / biosensor system for remote applications

Ahmed Ahmed, Bioresource Engineering
The influence of wood-derived biochar on physico-mechanical and hydraulic characteristics of agricultural soils: Implications for machine–soil interactions and carbon sequestration

Viviane Bélair, Bioresource Engineering
Bioavailability of polyphenols extracted from fruit pomace using green technologies

Juan Tamayo Cabezas, Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry<
Biocatalytic acylation of carbohydrates to produce feruloylated oligosaccharides and carbohydrate fatty acid esters

Hui Yin Fan, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Salmon skin gelatin extracted from trypsin-aided process for film with improved water resistance

Mercedes Garcia Holguera, Bioresource Engineering
Ecomimetics: An ecosystem-based biomimetic design method for innovative built environments

Jagpreet K. Gill, Bioresource Engineering
Encapsulation of Laccase Enzymatic Extract, from Coriolus hirsutus, and its Biocatalysis in Solvent-Free Media

Joseph Daniel Gillis, Bioresource Engineering
Assessment of emerging organic contaminant toxicity to the earthworm Eisenia fetida using GC-MS metabolomics

Qianjing Jiang, Bioresource Engineering
Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in subsurface-drained fields in Eastern Canada

Shrikalaa Kannan, Bioresource Engineering
Microwave and conventional hydrothermal carbonization of seafood waste

Shima Keisandokht, Bioresource Engineering
Extraction of hydrocolloids from vegetable seeds and identification of their physicochemical properties compared with selected commercialized gums

Anwer Hasil Kottarampatel, Parasitology
Investigating Leishmania donovani PEX14 interactions with glycosomal membrane mimicking liposomes

Maxime Lefebvre, Plant Science
Impact of Brassica juncea L. biofumigation on annual weed ecology and population dynamics in organic soil

Jauharah Md Khudzari, Bioresource Engineering
Bioelectricity production in compost, soil, and plant microbial fuel cells

Krittika Mittal, Natural Resource Sciences
The use of traditional and alternative methods to study endocrine disruption in model avian species

Najmeh Nikpour, Parasitology
The essential role of RBP7910 with Z-DNA domains in U-indel editing

Christopher Nzediegwu, Bioresource Engineering
The role of biochar in enhancing safe use of untreated wastewater in agriculture

John Quilty, Bioresource Engineering
An ensemble wavelet-based stochastic data-driven framework for addressing nonlinearity, multiscale change, and uncertainty in water resources forecasting

H.M. Tuihedur Rahman, Natural Resource Sciences
Livelihood vulnerability to climatic stresses: A study of the northeastern flood plain communities of Bangladesh

Kate Reilly, Bioresource Engineering
The role of ecosystem services in conflicts over potential dam removal – the case of the Mactaquac Dam, Canada

René Roy, Natural Resource Sciences
Estimating the value of ecosystem goods and services for private and public decision making in agriculture

Débora V. P. Sant’Ana, Bioresource Engineering
The impact of wavelength in plants' response to extreme light-induced stress

Yasmin Schuermann, Animal Science
Metabolic and ovarian functions of lactating dairy cows

Shaun Turney, Natural Resource Sciences
Determinants of trophic structure in ecological communities

Sai Kranthi Kumar Vanga. Bioresource Engineering
Effects of novel processing techniques on proteins in plant-based alternative milk beverages

Hamed Vatankhah, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Fluid migration into porous biomaterials under high hydrostatic pressure

Tingting Wu, Natural Resource Sciences
The evaluation of GHG emissions mitigation strategies on environment and economic development in Canada

Daihui Zhang, Bioresource Engineering
Synthesis and characterization of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural derivative based materials

Jacob Ziegler, Natural Resource Sciences
Social ecological interactions in inland recreational fisheries


January - December 2017

Rachel Backer, Department of Plant Science
Biochar soil amendments in Southwestern Québec, Canada: An investigation of impact on crop yields, interaction with N fertilizer and characterization of the biochar volatilome

Muhammad Azhar Inam Baig , Department of Bioresource Engineering
Development of a group built coupled physical-socio-economic modelling framework for soil salinity management in agricultural watersheds in developing countries

Jeremy R. Brammer, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Long term environmental monitoring using locally-relevant indicators: muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) population dynamics in Old Crow and recreational ecosystem services in Ottawa

Patrick Brassard, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Biochar production in an auger pyrolysis reactor and its amendment to soil as a tool to mitigate climate change

Neil Brett, School of Human Nutrition
An investigation of the effect of vitamin D intake on vitamin D status and functional health outcomes in healthy children

Tamara R. Cohen, School of Human Nutrition
Changes in body composition and eating behaviors in 6- to 8-year-old children with obesity participating in a family-centered lifestyle intervention: Results from a 1 year randomized controlled trial

Tanya Coply, Plant Science Department
Global omics-driven approaches to study the host and pathogen responses during Rhizoctonia solani-Soybean interactions

Dhananjay Dhokane, Plant Science Department
Identification of fusarium head blight resistance genes in the wheat QTL-Fhb2 using forward and reverse genetics

Thomas Duguet, Institute of Parasitology
Subunit diversity of the levamisole-sensitive acetylcholine receptor

Nelly El-Sakkary, Institute of Parasitology
A study of the Schistosoma mansoni nervous system: characterization of catecholamine and phenolamine signaling

Samaneh Farsijani, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Preserving Muscle Mass, Strength and Performance in Free-living Older Adults: A Focus on Dietary Protein Quantity, Distribution and Dairy Products

Antonio Jose Galan Galan, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Performance of the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum (bohlin) in synthetic polluted water and its use in the synthesis of silver nanoparticles

Qianjun Gan, Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry
Soil fertility determination in precision agriculture and bitumen residue determination in oil sand tailings by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics

Isabelle Germain, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Vitamin D Recommendations for Canadian Elderly: An evaluation of adequacy of current clinical practices for nutrition and skeletal health

Divya Gupta, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Assessment of irrigation water quality for the Quebec horticulture industry

Shenqiang Hu, Department of Animal Science
Prolactin and its receptor in the follicular hierarchy of chickens

Hsin-Hui Huang, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Leveraging geospatial data to improve land characterization for resource management

Simerjeet Kaur, Department of Plant Science
Cellulose content variation and underlying gene families in bread wheat

Mohamed Laila, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Spatial and temporal optimization of advanced biofuel supply chains in the United States: an integrated platform

Edris Madadian, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Optimization of advanced biofuel thermochemical conversion phenomena for producing bioenergy via gasification

Sebastian Xavier Margarit, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Exploring the potato (Solanum tuberosum L.c.v. Russet Burbank) petiole ionome, in Atlantic Canada, as it relates to yield, and specific gravity

Ogan Iheanacho Mba, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Deep-fat frying characteristics of blends of palm and canola oils

Lucas McCartney, Department of Bioresource Engineering
The Natural Ventilation Augmented Cooling (NVAC) Greenhouse: Design Development, Analysis of Greenhouse Climate, and Plant Response

Nilmini Mendis, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Environmental and genetic factors that contribute to the adaptation and survival of Legionella pneumophila in water systems

Agneev Mukherjee, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Sustainable synthesis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and levulinic acid

Marie Perkins, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Exposure science to investigate factors influencing mercury concentrations in non-piscivorous birds

June Yee Tsun Po, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Understanding the relationships between women's access to land resources and household food security in Eastern Kenya

Isabelle Raymond-Bouchard, , Natural Resource Sciences
Molecular characteristics of cold adaptation and subzero growth in polar microorganisms

Lucy Savage, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Association of nutritional and psychosocial factors with early gestational weight gain

Karine Sonzogni-Desautels, Institute of Parasitology
Investigating Cryptosporidium parvum surface proteins as candidates for a vaccine against bovine cryptosporidiosis

Katharine Yagi, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Density dependence and dispersal mechanisms in a pond breeding amphibian

Aghil Yari, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Application of variable-rate irrigation technology to conserve water and improve crop productivity

January - December 2016

Nana Akyaa Ackaah-Gyasi, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Novel chymotrypsins from Loligo opalescens and Sepioteuthis lessoniana: Isolation, Purification and Molecular Characterization

Mohammed I. Y. Bakari,Department of Bioresource Engineering
Characterization of rice husks as a biofuel feedstock towards sustainable rural rice processing in Sub-Saharan Africa

Cristina Ballesteros,Institute of Parasitology
Iron Acquisition in the Adult Filarial Nematode Brugia malayi and the Effect of Ivermectin on Heme Binding Proteins and the Transcriptome

Frieda Beauregard, Plant Science
Potential for northern range expansion of the understory flora of temperate Québec: edaphic, climatic and biotic factors

Karim Bougma, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Effects of iodized salt on child mental and physical development in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Rodrigo Camponogara Bohrer, Department of Animal Science
DNA double-strand breaks in early developing embryos: occurrence, consequences and regulation of repair mechanisms

Anaïs Charles,Natural Resource Sciences
Chemical properties of organic amendments influence nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils

Anne Marie Chomat,Institute of Parasitology
Maternal stressors impact maternal wellbeing and cortisol and infant growth in rural Guatemala: insights from qualitative and quantitative approaches

Nicola Craig,Natural Resource Sciences
Impacts of dissolved organic carbon on productivity of fish and benthic macroinvertebrates in north temperate lakes

François Gagné-Bourque,Plant Science
Bacillus subtilis B26, a plant growth promoter and drought protector of grasses

Vahid H Gazestani, Institute of Parasitology
Revealing the architecture of gene regulatory circuits in trypanosomatids

Amélie Grégoire Taillefer, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Phylogenetic, taxonomic, and functional diversity of wetland Diptera communities

Shivappa Hukkeri, , Department of Plant Science
Dissection and functional characterization of wheat QTL-Fhb5 based on forward and reverse genetics approach

Udaykumar Kage, Plant Science
Candidate gene identification from the wheat QTL-2DL for resistance against Fusarium Head Blight based on metabolo-genomics approach

Manal Ibrahim Kardoush, Institute of Parasitology
Identification of candidate serum biomarkers for schistosomiasis infection using mass spectrometric approaches

Shailesh Karre, Plant Science
Resistance gene identification in barley against Fusarium Head Blight based on metabolo-transcriptomics approach

Ebenezer Miezah Kwofie,Bioresource Engineering
Improving energy supply and use of the rice value chain using rice husk energy systems

Leonardo Xavier León Castro,Natural Resource Sciences
Soil nitrogen dynamics following green manure plow-down determined by ion exchange membranes and the nitrogen uptake of arugula (Eruca sativa L.)

Laam Li, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Identification and characterization of important genes for Legionella pneumophila to survive in water

Thangadurai Mani,Institute of Parasitology
Macrocyclic lactone interactions with a P-glycoprotein and polymorphism in ABC transporter and ion channel genes in Dirofilaria immitis

Michael R. Mitzel, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Interactions of engineered nanoparticles with biofilms and selected microorganisms in model saturated environments

Husein Mohammed, Dietetics and Human Nutrition
A randomized cluster trial to evaluate the effect of iodized salt exposure on birth outcome and infant development in Ethiopia

Walaa A. Mumena, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Food Security and Nutritional Health of School-aged Children in Two Caribbean Countries

Sara Najdi Hejazi,Department of Bioresource Engineering
Development of Innovative Probiotic Finger Millet- and Amaranth-based Weaning Products

Ossanna Nashalian, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Mechanistic insights into the role of metals in the Maillard reaction using mass spectrometry and isotope labeling techniques

Nihal O A Natour, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Relationships of Vitamin D Status and Markers of Skeletal Health to Metabolic Syndrome and Markers of Glucose Homeostasis among Inuit Adults: The International Polar Year Inuit Health Survey 2007-2008

Maeghan O’Neill,Institute of Parasitology
Characterization of the effects of flubendazole, a benzimidazole anthelmintic, on filarial nematodes

Benjamin Ponchon, Department of Animal Science
Evaluation of various strategies to accelerate mammary gland involution at drying-off and study of the prolactin secretion regulation by glucocorticoids

Nour Rashwan, Institute of Parasitology
Molecular Diagnosis of Soil-Transmitted Helminths and Monitoring for Benzimidazole Resistance-Associated Polymorphisms

Arlette Saint Ville, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Connecting the dots: Building social resilience to support sustainable food security policy in the Caribbean

Nora Salina MD Salim, Bioresource Engineering
Dried broccoli stalk through application of osmotic dehydration and microwave-assisted hot air drying

Ahmad Suhaizi Mat Su, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Application of Proximal Soil Sensing for Environmental Characterization of Agricultural Land

Diana Vela Almeida, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Mining, environments and people: Depicting environmental, socio-economic and political understandings of mining conflicts in Cajamarca, Peru and Cordillera del Condor, Ecuador

Hilary Wren,School of Dietetics & Human Nutrition
Subclinical Mastitis and Infant Growth in the Western Highlands of Guatemala

January - December 2015


Anika Singh, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Studies on Reciprocating Agitation Thermal Processing of canned particulates in non-Newtonian fluid


Hector A. Degado, Animal Science
Profitability analyses of Québec dairy cattle using health and management data via visualization tools

Ben W. Thomas, Natural Resource Sciences
Labile organic nitrogen dynamics and indicators of mineralizable nitrogen in manure-amended soils

Mohsen Pourabedin, Department of Animal Science
Effects of Mannan-oligosaccharides and xylo-oligosaccharides on the chicken gut microbiota

Jacqueline Goordial, Natural Resource Sciences
Microbial diversity, activity, and functional ecology of permafrost and cryptoendolithic microbial life in a hyper-arid Antarctic dry valley


Qi Feng Lin, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Re-conceptualizing the Self in United States Forestry: An Historical and Comparative Study of the Ideas of Aldo Leopold and the Zhuangzi

Lylia Khennache, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Power Analysis Among Riparian Countries to Improve River Basin Organisation Implementation in Transboundary Waters


Anil Kumar Patel, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Microalgae for wastewater treatment and biomass production: A comparative analysis of growth and nutrient removal including shotgun proteomics


Diana Valtierra Rodriguez, Department Of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
FTIR Investigations of Whey Protein Interactions in Relation to Model Food Systems


Amanda Waglay, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Potato Proteins: Isolation, Characterization, and their Application for the Enzymatic Generation of Peptides and for the Development of a Reduced-Gluten Cookie


Anubhav Pratap Singh, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Heat Transfer Characterization during Reciprocating Agitation Thermal Processing of Canned Particulates in a Newtonian Fluid


Jiby Kudakasseril Kurian, Bioresouce Engineering
Fractionation of Sweet Sorghum Bagasse using Steam-assisted and Microwave-Assisted Methods

JULY 2015

Matilda Essandoh Laar, Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Improving the capacity of community health workers to identify and mitigate low weight-for-length in young children in Ghana

JUNE 2015

Felipe Perez Jvostov, Institute of Parasitology
Evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions in the Trinidadian guppy (Poecilia reticulata)


Sarah Reiling, Institute of Parasitology
Analysis of drug resistance mechanisms in intact Plasmodium falciparum-infected red blood cells


Kiruba Krishnasawmy, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Green nanotechnology approach for synthesis and encapsulation of gold nanoparticles from agricultural waste


Hamed Hojjat, Institute of Parasitology
Interaction between Peroxin 14 and Peroxin 5 in Leishmania donovani: a privotal step in glycosomal biogenesis


Nastaran Khodaei, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Development of biocatalytic approaches for the extraction of Rhamnogalacturonan I and the generation of prebiotic oligosaccharides from potato cell wall


Patrick Cortbaoui, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Postharvest Quality Management of Cucumber and Eggplant


Maryam Kargar, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Dynamics of trace metals and de-icing salt in compost-amended urban soils


Peter Adewale, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Influence of ultrasonic mixing on enzyme catalyzed biodiesel production from waste animal fats

MAY 2015

Rachel Joy Krause, Institute of Parasitology
An Ecosystem Approach to Understanding Preschool Child Growth in Rural Panama:Potential Nutritional Benefits and Infection Risks of an Agricultural Intervention

APRIL 2015

Alireza Darissi Shaneh, Institute of Parasitology
In-Silico Structural and Functional Analysis of Trypanosoma brucei RNA Editing Ligases and their Interaction with their Binding Partner Proteins

MARCH 2015

Surinder Singh, Department of Plant Science
Transposon-assisted functional genomics of malting quality QTLs in barley

Megan Dilbone, Department of Plant Science
Building Seed Sustaining Households: Defining Seed Security Through Informal Seed Systems and Intraspecific Diversity on Semi-Arid, Resource Poor Farms in Kenya

Chaeho Byun, Department of Plant Science
Determinants of Biotic Resistance to Invasionin Plant Community Assembly

Inneke Roos Mary Victor, Department of Bioresource Engineering
Processing of Arenga pinnata (Palm) Sugar

Vijay Krishnan Kolinjivadi, Department Of Bioresource Engineering
A Critical Examination of Payments For Ecosystem Services (PES) as Applied in a Watershed Management Context


Sonia Inès Edayé, Institute of Parasitology
Characterization of Plasmodium falciparum Resistance to Novel Drugs: A Study of PfCRT, PfMDR1 and PfABCG Mediated Drug Resistance

Dorothy Y Maguire, Natural Resource Sciences
The Effect of Landscape Structure on Insect Herbivory and Biodiversity: Implications for Forest Ecosystem Services in the Montérégie, Québec

Lisa Michelle Starr, Institute of Parasitology
Consequences of Heligmosomoides bakeri (Nematoda) infection and Protein Deficiency during Pregnancy and Lactation on Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in Mice

Derek Wray, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Development of a Novel Drying Process for Whole Cranberries Employing Microwave-Osmotic Dehydration Under Continuous Flow Medium Spray (Mwods) Conditions and Microwave-Vacuum (Mwv) Finish-Drying

Ramesh Murugesan, Bioresource Engineering
Use of Millets for Partial Wheat Replacement in Bakery Products

Yu Wang, Natural Resource Sciences
Low Carbon Biomass Fuel Combustion and Ash Recycling for Sustainable Cement Production

Shoaib Ashraf, Institute of Parasitology
Tubulin and Ivermectin Pharmacology in the Parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus

Crystal Ernst, Natural Resource Sciences
Patterns and Drivers of Terrestrial Arthropod Biodiversity in Northern Canada

Pablo Godoy Rosas, Institute of Parasitology
Haemonchus contotus ABC Transporters Linked to Macrocyclic Lactone Resistance

Nandkishor M. Dhawale, Bioresource Engineering
Advancements in Proximal Soil Sensing Through an Integrated Systems Approach

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