Congratulations to the winners of the Macdonald Campus 3MT competition

Published: 6 December 2023

On Wednesday November 29th, 2023, nine Macdonald Campus graduate students took on the challenge of presenting their thesis in just a few minutes at the Lister Family Engaged Science 3-Minute Thesis Competition.

With only one non-animated slide for visual support, competitors raced against the clock to explain the crucial components of their research and its importance.

From producing tastier vegan burgers to creating cleaner manure applications to making hail in HVAC systems, audience members immersed themselves in the diverse and complex research projects being carried out on campus.

With over 80 people attending the event in-person and on the livestream, the vote for people’s choice ended up being a tight race. Our astute panel of judges had their own challenge as they deliberated on the selection of the three most outstanding presentations among the nine memorable talks given that afternoon.

Congratulations to each of our nine competitors for their courage, perseverance, and remarkable achievements throughout the event and its pre-training program and a special congratulations to our 2023 winners:

1st place: Mehtab Singh
PhD candidate (Plant Science - Dr. Jaswinder Singh)
Making Oats Punctual

2nd place: Gillian Cameron
PhD candidate (Natural Resource Sciences - Dr. Sebastien P. Faucher)
Evolve, Rinse, Repeat: The Evolution of Copper Resistance in Legionella pneumophila

3rd place: Tongzhu Meng
PhD candidate (School of Human Nutrition - Dr. Daiva Nielsen)
Why Bitter Matters

People's Choice: Arusha Flemming
MSc student (Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry - Dr. Xiaonan Lu)
What Gets Bacteria Up in the Morning?

Our sincerest thanks to our esteemed judges, event moderator, and multimedia technicians for their incredible work.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Lister and family for their commitment, interest, and generous support which made this event possible. The recordings for the full event and the individual talks are all available on the Macdonald Campus YouTube channel.

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