A community turns out for Mac Remembrance Day ceremony


Published: 8Nov2019

Students from all levels – elementary, high school, CEGEP and university – take part in annual Remembrance Day ceremony at Macdonald Campus

At today’s Remembrance Day ceremony at Macdonald Campus, the crowd – mostly schoolchildren from Macdonald High School and three West Island elementary schools – huddled together against a cold, wet snow.

“Imagine the conditions faced by Canadian soldiers,” one observer commented.

While most of the people present could do little but imagine the horror of war, a small group of men and women knew of it firsthand. These were the veterans who had served in conflicts around the world.

Remember, reflect and recommit

“We are here today for three Rs. Back in the day, the three Rs were ‘Reading ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic,” said Jim Fyles, Associate Dean (Student Affairs), told the crowd. “But the three Rs for today are Remember, Reflect and Recommit. Big words, but very important.”