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Natural Resource Sciences Invited Seminar Series: Studies in Red-throated Caracara nesting, social and foraging behaviour


Red-throated Caracara perched on a branch
Dr. Sean McCann with a large insect crawling on his face

The first presentation in the NRS Invited Seminar Series--Studies in Red-throated Caracara nesting, social and foraging behaviour --will be given by Dr. Sean McCann from Acadia University, hosted by the Gillung and Buddle labs.

The Red-throated Caracara is little-known Neotropical raptor that is a specialist predator of social wasps. Through videography, field experiments, and months of detailed observation, Dr. McCann and his colleagues and have documented nesting, social, and predation behaviour of these unusual and charismatic birds. This talk will describe their cooperative breeding, complex social structure, diet, and how they overcome the formidable defenses of their prey.

Dr. Sean McCann is an entomologist, behavioural ecologist, and natural historian. Most recently a postdoc at Acadia University, he completed his PhD at Simon Fraser University and his MSc in medical entomology at the University of Florida. Sean has a passion for photography, especially of insects, spiders, and birds, and uses digital image capture extensively in his work to document the biology and behaviour of these animals. Sean blogs and shares his photography at and tweets as @Ibycter.

To obtain the Zoom link, contact Prof. jessica.gillung [at] (Jessica Gillung).

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