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IDP Lab: Pursuing and Tracking Goals


 Pursuing and Tracking Goals


Need help to stay on top of your goals? Keeping track and measuring your progress can be tricky. In this IDP Lab we will talk about defining and assessing goal progress and overcoming obstacles.


The IDP Lab series is designed to accompany the “Plan Your Goals” workshop offered by myPath and provide you with support in building different components of your IDP (Individual Development Plan). Each lab focuses on a specific topic that you will explore through hands-on activities in community with other graduate students. It is strongly recommended that you participate in the “Plan Your Goals” workshop beforehand. 

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Please note: This is not a lecture. The IDP Labs are interactive and discussion based. Students will be invited to exchange and troubleshoot with peers. Please ensure that you are in a quiet space where you are free to speak aloud so that you can fully participate in the session.

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