McGill Fossil Fuel Decisions Shift

Published: 11Jun2014

The McGill University board of governors has included “grave environmental degradation” as allowable criteria for divestment. Published on June 10, 2014 | The Gazette by: Karen Seidman Many...

Global shift to greener economies happening because of economic benefits, panelists say

Published: 1Apr2014

The global transition to clean energy is underway and Canada is lagging, experts speaking at the Broadbent Institute's Progress Summit said Saturday. Published on March 29, 2014 | The Hill...

Climate Change: Extinction of Ice-Free Antarctic Polynyas Due to Trapped Ocean Heat (Eric Galbraith)

Published: 1Apr2014

Researchers from the McGill University and University of Pennsylvania have found evidence to show climate change is the main reason for the disappearance of ice-free regions, known as polynyas. ...