The unexpected creates reward when listening to music

Published: 12Feb2019

Scientists prove difference between expected/actual outcomes cause reward response...

Novel sample preparation approaches for LDI imaging MS to answer key biological questions


Applied Mass Spectrometry [food/nutrition/environment and agriculture] @ McGill - Macdonald Campus Guest speaker: Prof Pierre Chaurand, Department of Chemistry, Université de Montréal

Stellar pitches by Mac 3MT competitors

Published: 11Feb2019

There was stiff competition at last week's Lister Family Engaged Science 3MT Competition. In the end, eleven stellar graduate students delivered riveting pitches to a packed room of supporters,...

Four Burning Questions for Professor Emerita Harriet V.Kuhnlein, Commissioner, Lancet Report on Obesity

Published: 11Feb2019

The Lancet commission on Obesity published a report today on the joint pandemics of obesity, undernutrition, and climate change. In the report, the commissioners point to the fact that malnutrition...

D’où proviennent les motifs dans la nature?

Published: 11Feb2019

Anja Geitmann adore les casse-têtes. Mais oubliez les après-midis à chercher les bons morceaux en buvant une tisane : ce sont les cellules en forme de puzzle à la surface des feuilles de certaines...

À la chasse aux contaminants alimentaires

Published: 11Feb2019

La population est de plus en plus préoccupée par la présence de contaminants chimiques dans les aliments et l’eau potable. « Et pour cause, car l’humain est exposé à un cocktail de milliers de...

$5-million gift to McGill’s global food security institute supports efforts to understand and reverse world hunger and malnutrition

Published: 11Oct2018

Every night, some 800 million people – one in nine people on earth – go to bed hungry. And projections suggest that unless creative solutions are found, the world will need to increase food...

Dr Suzanne Morin in La Presse 7 Feb 2019

Published: 8Feb2019

Dr Suzanne Morin, a member of the Council of Scientific Advisors of the International Osteoporosis Foundation, comments on the Canada Food Guide in La Presse!  How should we meet our nutritional...

Local and International Media Coverage on CMAJ study by Dr Natalie Dayan, et al.

Published: 8Feb2019

Dr Natalie Dayan, et al's article, Infertility treatment and risk of severe maternal morbidity: a propensity score--matched cohort study, recently published in the CMAJ,