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All the cool kids are talking about…CAMPUS LIFE & ENGAGEMENT

Campus Life & Engagement or “CL&E” for short. It’s pronounced “cleh”, like the French word “clé” or “key” in English. Aside from having a clever and catchy name, they offer a wealth of resources and information that are very useful for new students.

While you may already have seen a few emails from them in your McGill inbox already, we wanted to re-emphasize and promote their excellent content. You should have already received several of their newsletters, and invitations to their weekly pre-arrival webinar series.

They also have a Facebook group for all new/incoming students (both graduate and undergraduate, from all across the University). If you haven’t already joined, it’s a great ‘companion’ to the Mac OGS group.

If you want to feel more involved and engaged with McGill, especially if you cannot physically be here just yet, check it out today!

-Stay healthy, stay safe.

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