Calgary Cocktail Reception

Please join us for a

Cocktail Reception

Thursday, December 4, 2014
17h30 - 20h00

Calgary Petroleum Club

319 - 5th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB
(403) 269-7981

Special presentations

A Decade of Growth at Macdonald

Professor Chandra A. Madramootoo
Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

LED Plant Growth Systems and Cubic Farming

Lucas McCartney, BEng Bioresource '13
PhD candidate, Bioresource Engineering, Biomass Production Lab

Dress code: Business Casual

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514 398-7593  |  nadia.wendowsky [at]



Coming from an avicultural and agricultural background in a family run large-scale turkey raising business, Lucas is a research associate and Bioresource Engineering graduate student at McGill University in the Department of Bioresource Engineering.

Lucas is currently a PhD student in the department's Biomass Production Lab, under supervision of Dr. Mark Lefsrud. This follows an undergraduate degree in Bioresource Engineering and a Masters of Science in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) at McGill University. His present focus is on research and development in controlled environments for plant production in conjunction with Urban Barns Foods. Current focus is on developing and optimizing canopy lighting through use of novel structures and LED technology. Cubic Farming technology allows for growing produce in secure, safe, and controlled environment, with minimal water requirements, producing vegetables, while eliminating the use of fungicides, pesticides, and insecticides.

A large project ongoing for many years now is a project entitled Natural Ventilation Augmented Cooling (NVAC) Greenhouse; a technology has been patented in Canada, Australia and the US. It is a Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC) project in conjunction with the University of West Indies in Trinidad and the Barbados Bellairs Research Institute. Lastly, a former emphasis was in horticultural frost protection and prototyping of an Orchard Frost Protecting System.