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James McGill Professors

Distinguished James McGill Professors

Shiv Prasher

Professor Prasher is a member of the Department of Bioresource Engineering. His research involves the application of remote sensing technologies for estimation of crop growth conditions and weed infestations. He also ivestigates best management practices for on-farm pollution control, bioremediation, and soil washing systems for in-situ remediation of industrial contaminated sites. shiv.prasher [at] (Email)

Donald L. Smith

Professor Smith is a member of the Plant Science Department. His research interests lie in crop physiology, crop ecology, crop production and crop quality, legume nitrogen fixation and plant nitrogen metabolism. He leads the NSERC-funded Green Crop Network, whose members research crops and climate change, including biofuels, and he also heads the McGill Network for Innovation in Biofuels and Bioproducts (McNIBB). He has had international collaborations with India, China and Africa. Professor Smith was the recently honoured by the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS) with the prix Michel-Jurdant - 2007. donald.smith [at] (Email)

James McGill Professors

Chandra A. Madramootoo

Professor Madramootoo is a member of the Department of Bioresource Engineering and the Brace Centre for Water Resources Management. His research expertise lies in the ares of irrigation, hydrology, drainage, water quality and soil conservation in Canada and overseas. He also conducts research on the environmental impacts of irrigation and drainage, water table management, and water quality. chandra.madramootoo [at] (Email)

Michael Ngadi

Professor Ngadi is a member of the Department of Bioresource Engineering. His research expertise is in food process engineering (food quality and safety); food properties; heat and mass transfer processes; deep-fat frying; hyperspectral imaging; and non-thermal technologies (pulsed electric fields, ultraviolet, ozone, etc.) conversion of food processing waste. michael.ngadi [at] (Email)

Roger Prichard

Professor Prichard is a member of the Institute of Parasitology. He is conducting cutting-edge research in parasite control, the mechanisms of action of anthelmintics and the genetics of drug resistance in parasitic nematodes of humans and animals. roger.prichard [at] (Email)


G.S.V. Raghavan

Professor Raghavan is a member of the Department of Bioresource Engineering. He specializes in the use of electrotechnology in drying, processing and waste handling, including enhancement of heat/mass transfer in particulate systems and microwave/RF drying. He also develops industrial methods to enhance storability of fresh produce, and is a lead researchers in international projects on post harvest engineering and microwave technology. Professor Raghavan is the recent recipient of a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) in India in recognition of his needbased initiatives for research, capacity-building and enabling the processing of agricultural produce in small communities. vijaya.raghavan [at] (Email)

Joann Whalen

Professor Whalen is a member of the Department of Natural Resource Sciences. Her research focuses on soil ecology and fertility, particularly in agro-ecosystems. Her research interests include soil organic matter and nutrient dynamics, the ecology and spatial distribution of lumbrid earthworms and nutrient management practices for optimal crop production and environmental protection. joann.whalen [at] (Email )

Xin Zhao

Professor Zhao is a member of the Department of Animal Science. His research interests lie in dairy cattle biochemistry and physiology, mastitis and vaccine development. Professor Zhao has many international research collaborations, particularly in China. xin.zhao [at] (Email)

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