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Canada Research Chairs

Abdolhamid Akbarzadeh Shafaroudi
Abdulhamid Akbarzadeh ShafaroudiCanada Research Chair (Tier II) in Bio-inspired Hierarchical Multifunctional Metamaterials

Dr. Akbarzadeh Shafaroudi is an Assistant Professor in Machine Design in the Bioresource Engineering Department and an Associate Member in the Mechanical Engineering Department of McGill University. Design and multiscale multiphysics simulation of advanced, smart, biological, and porous composite materials and structures for energy harvesting, renewable energy, and structural health monitoring applications. hamid.akbarzadeh [at] (Email)

Niladri Basu
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Environmental Health Sciences

Dr. Basu is an Associate Professor affiliated with both the School of Human Nutrition and the Department of Natural Resource Sciences. The objective of Dr. Basu's program is to research, develop and apply ecosystem-based approaches to address key problems in the environmental health sciences. The focus is on applying ecotoxicology and environmental epidemiology to increase understanding of risks associated with contaminants arising from the extraction of natural resources. Key to this approach is the ability to scrutinize and integrate data across species in a comparative manner (i.e. humans along with fish, birds, marine and terrestrial mammals) and to scale responses across multiple tiers of biological organization in an integrative fashion (e.g. cell --> individual --> ecosystem). niladri.basu [at] (Email)

Elena Bennett
Elena BennettCanada Research Chair (Tier I) in Sustainabilty Science

Dr Bennet is a Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences and in the McGill School of Environment. Her research centres around questions about ecosystem services and the benefits people obtain from ecosystems. She studies sustainable use and management of ecosystem services; multi-functional landscapes; human impacts on biogeochemical cycles; management of tradeoffs among ecosystem services, especially agricultural production and water quality; global food security, agriculture and the SDGs, land use change and water quality; urban ecology; communicating science. elena.bennett [at] (Email)

Treena Wasonti:io Delormier
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition and Food Sovereignty

Dr. Delorimier is an Associate Professor in the School of Human Nutrition and Associate Director, Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition & Environment (CINE). Her reserach forcuses on public health nutrition of Indigenous populations and looks at health inequities by addressing the social determinants of health using participatory research approach. treena.delormier [at] (Email)

Kyle Elliott
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Arctic Ecology

Dr. Elliott studies the ecology of top avian predators (seabirds and raptors) as an indicator of the health of the Arctic. The focus is on the links between physiology, behaviour and fitness, especially in the context of senescence. Avian predators integrate information across space and time, and the research programme uses that information to understand how climatic, toxicological and other changes impact Northern environments. This approach uses energy transfer to connects the individual organism with the ecosystem. Dr. Elliott is broadly interested in the evolutionary ecology of senescence, ecotoxicology, ecological energetics, behavioural ecology, evolutionary physiology and population ecology. kyle.elliott [at] (Email)

Saji George
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Sustainable Nanotechnology for Food and Agriculture

Dr George is an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry. His research centres around the development of sustainable nanotechnology applications for food and agriculture, as well as guidelines for safe use, tools for regulatory oversight, and safety assured nanotechnology for food safety and security. [at] (Email)

Anja Geitmann
Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in Biomechanics of Plant Development

Dr. Geitmann is a Professor in the Department of Plant Science, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Associate Vice-Principal Macdonald Campus. Her research aims to understand how the genetic composition of an organism translates into its characteristic shape, form and functionality, by studying cell division and cell growth processes at the subcellular level. anja.geitmann [at] (Email)

Sarah Kimmins
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Epigenetics, Reproduction and Development

Dr Kimmins is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science. Her research focuses on the epigenome, a heritable layer of biochemical information that includes the methylation of DNA, small RNAs, and the post-translational modification of chromatin associated proteins, the histones. The epigenome has been implicated in complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia and autism.  There is enormous potential in disease treatment and prevention via increased understanding of the establishment of the epigenome in development as unlike the genome it is dynamic and responds to environmental influences. She is interested in how environmental exposures to the Father such as poor diet and toxicants can interact with the developing sperm, and how this is transmitted to the embryo. Also under investigation are the role of the epigenome in the pluripotency and biology of stem cells. Kimmins explores these research questions using transgenic mouse models to establish critical molecular underpinnings which are then translated and studied in humans.  Her long-term goals are to develop pharmacological and lifestyle intervention strategies to improve child and adult health. sarah.kimmins [at] (Email)

Melissa McKinney
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Ecological Change and Environmental Stressors

Dr McKinney is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Sciences. Using advanced chemical tracers to study Arctic marine species as indicators of global environmental change, her research program addresses the questions of how ecological changes may alter wildlife exposures to other key environmental stressors, including pollutants, pathogens, and parasites, and how these changes may together impact the health of individuals and populations. melissa.mckinney [at] (Email)

Lyle Whyte
Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in Polar Microbiology

Dr Whyte is a Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences. His research projects focus on examining microbial biodiversity and ecology in the Canadian high Arctic where very unique habitats exist, using both classical microbiology and novel genomics-based molecular techniques for studying microbial communities. These investigations explore the biodiversity, ecology, adaptations, and activity of microbial communities at subzero temperatures in cryoenvironments (subzero habitats) in an emerging field perhaps best described as cryomicrobiology. The utility of these unique cryoenvironments as extraterrestrial analogs for astrobiology studies is also being examined and biotechnological applications of these microorganisms will be investigated in the longer term. lyle.whyte [at] (Email)

Jianguo (Jeff) Xia
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) Bioinformatics and Big Data Analytics

Dr Xia is an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Parasitology, cross-appointed to the Department of Animal Science. He carries out research focused on leveraging bioinformatics, statistics and large data to understand the effects of biological (i.e. gut and helminths), environmental and nutritional factors on health and disease, and to develop computational solutions for use in high-throughput experiments. jeff.xia [at] (Email)

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