July 14 2015

Mac Teams take first place at IFT 2015

In what can only be described as two incredible performances, Macdonald Food Science teams competing at the 2015 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Conference, being held in Chicago, have walked away with first prizes in their respective competitions. “Tira Verde” in the IFTSA & MARS Product Competition and “Falamus Instant Mix” in the Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition. The IFT conference, the world’s largest gathering of food science professionals, has long been considered the premiere event for Food Product Developers.

“Inspired by the indulgent Italian dessert, tiramisu, TiraVerde is an all-natural avocado-based creation that delivers tantalizing taste formulated with wholesome, natural ingredients”, and unlike the product that inspired it – is gluten-free, all but does away with unhealthy fats and cholesterol and delivers impressive amounts of fiber and protein.

Falamus Instant Mix is a dry blend primarily composed of pre-cooked chickpea and lentil flour, as well as sesame flour, locust flour and spices. The product is formulated to meet a significant proportion of the macro and micronutrient needs, as well as the dietary restrictions of Syrian refugees. When mixed with water, Falamus Instant Mix transforms into traditional Middle Eastern comfort foods, falafel and hummus. The mix is iron-rich and extremely high in protein.

As a result of their first-place win, TiraVerde has been invited to participate in the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology/IFT Global Product Development Competition, taking place in Dalian, China in mid-October.

Congratulations to our hard working team members named below, the staff of the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, and all mentors and partners. You have made us very proud.

Read article in the McGill Reporter

TiraVerde : Chloe Anderson, Kayleigh Bossy, Lily Chen, Erik Cheng, Erin Davis, Aya Horii, Nancy Ing, Jonathan Khouzam, Angelia Mah, Kristin Mattice, Nicole Mantilla, Jer Lin Poh, Anne Frazer-McKee and Sonia Périllat-Amédée

Falamus Instant Mix: Loloah Chamoun , Niruya Kumarasamy, Lisa Lam, Arsalan Malick and Homeiraa Waheed