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Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff

Each year Macdonald formally honours a member of the Administrative and Support staff who demonstrates outstanding performance and contribution in support of the promotion and development of the Macdonald Campus and Community both in the execution of their duties and in the effort and commitment towards service. This award recipient will truly have made a difference to Macdonald Campus life.

The award is open to all members of the Administrative and Support Staff who have been on staff on the Macdonald Campus for a minimum of three years and who work on the Macdonald Campus at the time of nomination. Permanent part-time, permanent sessional and term appointment staff may be considered for the award; the length of service for these staff must be equivalent to three years full-time on the Campus.

A Call for Nominations for the Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff for 2016 will be issued in Fall 2015 Nominations should be submitted to the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill University, Macdonald Campus, 21,111 Lakeshore, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, H9X 3V9.

The nomination should profile the nominee’s contributions to the Unit, the Faculty, the Campus, and the University. A detailed nomination letter should be signed by a minimum of five individuals of whom one may be a student. All members of the Macdonald Campus may support a nomination, including students registered on the Macdonald Campus. Nominations may be supported by members of one or more units on the Campus. No individual may nominate more than one candidate. Individuals cannot nominate themselves.

2015 Recipient:

Previous Award Recipients

2014 Paul Meldrum, Manager, Macdonald Campus Farm

2013 Francine Tardif, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

2012 Joanne Ten Eyck, Assistant to the Dean

2010 Mike Bleho, Department of Plant Science

2009 Luciano Germani, IT Customer Services (ICS)

2008 Roslyn James, Department of Plant Science

2007 Peter Knox, Department of Facilities Management