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Associate Dean (Student Affairs)

Valérie Orsat, associate Dean (Student Affairs)Valérie Orsat

Professor, Department of Bioresource Engineering
T:514-398-7711  |  valerie.orsat [at] (Email)Website  |  Laird Hall, Room 106


The Associate Dean (Student Affairs) provides academic direction and general oversight of the Student Affairs Office, which includes (for undergraduate students): recruitment, admissions, student exchanges, summer studies, orientation, advising, scholarships, convocations, information systems and other related functions. The Associate Dean oversees the general well-being of undergraduate students on the Macdonald Campus.

The Associate Dean monitors and collaborates closely with Student Services (e.g., Career and Placement, Student Health, Counselling, Office of Students with Disabilities, Mental Health, Student Aid) and Athletics, and assumes responsibility for the physical-social welfare and conflict resolution for students on the Macdonald Campus.

The Associate Dean represents Macdonald on and/or chairs the following committees: University Admissions Committee, Committee on Student Services (CSS), Enrolment and Student Affairs Advisory Committee (ESAAC) Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Scholarships Committee, Student Services Macdonald Sub-Committee of the Senate Coordinating Committee, Committee on Academic Standing, Admissions Committee, Student Recruitment Committee, Teaching Excellence Committee, Faculty Promotions Committee, Farm Management and Technology Committee.

The Associate Dean is a member of the Executive Committee, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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About Valérie Orsat

Valérie Orsat is a Professor in the Department of Bioresource Engineering on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University. She obtained her PhD from McGill University in 1999. From 1999 to 2007, she coordinated the training activities of international developmental projects in postharvest engineering, first in China with the project “Microwave processing in China”, and then in India with the project "Consolidation of Food Security in South India". Since 2007, Valérie Orsat is back at McGill as an academic member contributing to the food engineering sector, recognized in 2015 by the John Clark Award from the Canadian Society of Bioengineering in recognition of her outstanding contributions in this field. In 2021, she was recipient of the Engineering and Physical Sciences’ Suffrage Science award in recognition of her mentoring contribution for women in STEM fields.




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