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Associate Dean (Academic)

Marilyn Scott

Professor, Institute of Parasitology
T: 514-398-7996  |  marilyn.scott [at] (Email)Website |  Parasitology Building P-214


The Associate Dean (Academic) oversees the courses and programs offered in the Faculty.

The Associate Dean (Academic) represents Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences on the University Academic Policy Committee, and chairs the Faculty Academic Program Committee. She serves on the Faculty Planning Committee, Faculty Promotions Committee, Farm Management and Technology Committee, and the Academic Committee of the Faculty of Science.

The Associate Dean (Academic) is a member of the Executive Committee, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

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About Marilyn Scott

After receiving her PhD from the Institute of Parasitology at Macdonald Campus of McGill University, Marilyn spent two years at Imperial College, London, UK doing postdoctoral research in experimental parasite epidemiology.  She returned to the Institute of Parasitology as an Assistant Professor in 1982.  She was Director of the Institute of Parasitology from 1990-2000 and Director of the McGill School of Environment from 2008-2013.   She is currently Professor of Parasitology and Associate Dean (Academic) for the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Her research on human parasites has taken her recent graduate students to Panama and Guatemala.  In collaboration with Dr. Kristine Koski (Dietetics and Human Nutrition, McGill) and a network of collaborators in Panama, they are examining the impact of conditional cash transfer and food voucher programs and of agricultural extension programs on the health of extremely poor Panamanian pre-school children, and the impact of malnutrition and infection of fetal and post-partum growth.  With collaborators in Guatemala, they are studying the role of maternal stress on infant growth in Guatemala.

Her students are also investigating the impact of parasitism on a fish ecosystem in Trinidad (in collaboration with Drs Gregor Fussmann and Andrew Hendry, Biology, McGill, and Paul Bentzen at Dalhousie University) and the mechanisms underlying impaired fetal growth and development in infected, protein deficient pregnant mice.     

Through her career, she has trained 46 graduate students and 6 post-doctoral fellows, and has published 1 book, 16 review articles and book chapters, and over 100 original articles.  She was the 1991 recipient of the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal from the American Society of Parasitologists for her contributions to the field by a researcher under the age of 40.  In 2006, she received the Robert Wardle Award from the Canadian Society of Zoologists (Parasitology Section) for outstanding contributions by a Canadian to parasitology.  She was the recipient of both the Macdonald Campus and the Principal’s Prize for Teaching Excellence in 2011.

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