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Career Planning Service (CaPS)

This office provides a range of services to students and invites them to visit the Career Planning Service downtown as well. Whether students are seeking information on employment, internships, international opportunities, volunteering or advancing their education, CaPS offers the resources to ease the transition. We offer a Career Resource Centre that includes employers directories, career descriptions and all the ins and outs of how to get a job. Students also have access to employment opportunities posted on our CaPS website and the chance to meet with a Career Advisor who can assist them on everything from career choices to writing a resume.

For inquiries: Call 514-398-7582 or email caps.macdonald [at] mcgill.ca

Counselling Services

Our Counselling Service offers Macdonald campus students onsite counselling with a psychologist for personal, academic and vocational concerns. Appointments are available with Evelyn on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  

Workshops on stress and time management, career exploration, healthy relationships and other topics of concern may also be offered on request, and additional workshops are available at the downtown campus. Please visit the Counselling Services website for more information.

Policy on Missed Appointments

Due to the significant demand for services, and the cost to Student Services for unused time, a 24-hour notice (email or phone - leave message if needed) is absolutely required for cancellations. Students who cancel their appointments with less than 24 hours before their appointment will be charged a $15.00 cancellation fee. Students who do not contact us to cancel will be charged $30.00. 

International Student Services

Immigration Advising 

An Immigration Advisor is available on a bi-weekly basis (Fridays) at Macdonald Campus. Drop by or call us to book your appointment at 514-398-7992. Be sure to consult any relevant sections on the International Student Services website before your appointment, and see the drop-in advising schedule.

Please note that ISS does NOT provide advising on Permanent Residence

International Health Insurance Cards

To obtain your Blue Cross Card (For new and returning students):

Beginning August 15, access Minerva ⇒ Student ⇒ International Student Health Insurance Coverage Form to confirm your coverage.

Doing this will allow you to pick up your health insurance card at Student Services, Macdonald Campus.

McGill requires all international students and their accompanying dependents to participate in the compulsory McGill International Health Insurance Plan, which is administered by International Student Services.

Exemptions & Cancellation: Students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for an exemption or cancellation. For more information please see:  www.mcgill.ca/internationalstudents/health/exemption (exemptions) and  www.mcgill.ca/internationalstudents/health/exemption/cancellation (cancellation).

Please refer to the International Student Services website for more details on immigration, compulsory international health insurance plan, taxation seminars, and the Buddy Program for International Students. 

Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)

Student Services at Macdonald Campus administers the mid-term examinations for students registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities.   

The OSD supports and facilitates the inclusion of diverse learners.  An advisor from the OSD is available to discuss any barriers in your learning - be they temporary or permanent, visible or invisible. This discussion can take place in person either at Student Services, Macdonald Campus or at the OSD office (downtown campus) or via Skype.  For more information please visit the Office for Students with Disabilities website

To Make an Appointment:

  • At Macdonald campus: please call 514-398-7992, or email timothy.campbell [at] mcgill.ca
  • Downtown campus or Skype:  please call 514-398-6009 or email disabilities.students [at] mcgill.ca 

If you are already registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities:  To request accommodations for your mid-term examinations please complete the online form available here.

Student Financial Aid

Information and assistance are available daily for all students concerning government aid programs (includes all Canadian provinces), McGill Loans and Bursaries, and the Work Study Program. During the academic year (September to April) individualized appointments can be arranged with the Financial Aid Counsellor for information concerning funding, debt management, budget counselling and the McGill Loans and Bursaries Program. Please call 514-398-7992 to schedule an appointment with Bronwyn. 

For more details about: Government aid programs, McGill Loans and Bursaries, Debt Management, Budget Counselling, Work Study Program, Scholarships and External awards, please visit the Scholarships and Student Aid Office. There's a quicker and easier way to apply for your Tuition Payment Deferral.  For more information, click here.

A Commissioner for Oaths is available Monday - Friday from 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at Macdonald Student Services. Please note that the Commissioner for Oaths is willing to act in this capacity for the benefit of currently registered McGill students who are applying for government financial aid programs. A McGill ID Card is required. It is the student's responsibility to make the photocopies of the documents required.

Student Health Services

Please see Feeling Sick?


Light Therapy Lamps

Located in the Mac Campus library, they help you manage the darkness of winter. Also called Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamps.  

Note: Do not look directly into the light. No, seriously. Instructions are on the lamps.

Visit our Healthy McGill Kiosk!

We have a selection of free goodies & resources, including condoms, sunblock, tea & more!