Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail (CRIMT)

The LLDRL carries out its research and activities in collaboration with the CRIMT, Montreal's Inter-university Centre on Globalization and Work.

CRIMT is a Canadian-based inter-university research centre on the theoretical and practical challenges of institutional renewal for work and employment in a global era. Physically located at the University of Montreal, Université Laval (in Québec City) and HEC Montreal, CRIMT is a centre of excellence in research and a fertile training ground for graduate students in industrial relations, human resources management, sociology, economics, management and labour law.

It is made up of roughly sixty university co-researchers and more than one hundred and fifty graduate students work on projects that have links to the Centre. The LLDRL's work falls within CRIMT's second research theme, The interface between national and transnational sources of regulation.

The LLDRL and CRIMT have co-organized several seminars, conferences, and videoconferences. CRIMT has also contributed significant logistical support, notably through the use of videoconferencing equipment.