Graduate Students

Below are current graduate students. For information on PhD alumni, see here.

jason.borga [at] (Jason Borga)

Syntax, syntax-semantics interface, first language acquisition


jurij.bozic [at] (Jurij Bozic)

Morphology, syntax, phonology-syntax interface

PhD webpage

christopher.bruno [at] (Christopher Bruno)

Formal semantics, syntax, pragmatics, computational linguistics, philosophy of language

PhD webpage

francesco.gentile [at] (Francesco Gentile)

Semantics, syntax-semantics interface, pragmatics, philosophy of language PhD  

masashi.harada [at] (Masashi Harada)

Syntax, interface of syntax with other modules of grammar, East Asian languages


henrison.hsieh [at] (Henrison Hsieh)

Syntax, semantics, Tagalog, and Austronesian in general PhD webpage

binger.jiang [at] (Bing'er (Isabella) Jiang)

Phonetics, phonology, phonation, speech perception and production, tone languages


emily.kellison-linn [at] (Emilia Kellison-Linn)

Phonology, historical linguistics, computational methods

MA [at] (Donghyun Kim)

Phonetics, speech perception, psycholinguistics, and phonology PhD  

jeffrey.lamontagne [at] (Jeffrey Lamontagne)

Corpus linguistics, laboratory phonology, phonetics, phonological variation, sociolinguistics and sound change PhD  

gouming.martens [at] (Gouming Martens)

Syntax, syntax-phonology interface, Sino-tibetan languages, classical Tibetan


marzieh.mortazavinia [at] (Marzieh (Sepideh) Mortazavinia)

Syntax-semantics, pragmatics, focus-sensitive items, second language acquisition, Persian PhD  

filiz.mutlu [at] (Filiz Mutlu)

Phonological theory (asymmetry, recursion, basic units, markedness effects), phonetics, iconicity


mathieu.paille [at] (Mathieu Paillé)

Syntax, syntax-phonology interface, biolinguistics, Algonquian


yeong.park [at] (Yeong Woo Park)

Prosody, Phonetics, Phonology


justin.royer [at] (Justin Royer)

Syntax, Semantics, Mayan, documentation, fieldwork, typology 

PhD webpage

liz.smeets [at] (Liz Smeets)

Language Acquisition, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and their interfaces PhD webpage [at] (Jiajia Su)

Second Language Acquisition, syntax, classifiers PhD  

james.tanner [at] (James Tanner)

Phonology, sociophonetics, psycholinguistics, quantitative methods


jiaer.tao [at] (Jia-er Tao)

Phonetics, phonology, second language acquisition


savanna.willerton [at] (Savanna Willerton)

Computational linguistics, semantics, productivity and storage


wilfred.yau [at] (Wilfred Yau)

Computational and mathematical linguistics, natural language processing, formal semantics, probabilistic inference, artificial intelligence