Bernhard Schwarz

Bernhard Schwarz, Associate Professor
Specialization:  Semantics, pragmatics, German
PhD: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Contact Information

Email: [at] (Bernhard Schwarz)
Office: 1085 Dr. Penfield, room 215
Office Hours: Winter/19 - Wednesdays, 11:30-12:30 or by appointment
Phone: (514) 398-2980
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Major Publications

Bernhard Schwarz. Consistency preservation in quantity implicature: The case of at least. Semantics and Pragmatics, 9(1):1–47, 2016.

Bernhard Schwarz, Brian Buccola, and Michael Hamilton. Two types of class B numeral modifiers: A reply to Nouwen 2010. Semantics and Pragmatics, 5(0):1:1–25, 2012.

Jon Nissenbaum and Bernhard Schwarz. Parasitic degree phrases. Natural Language Semantics, 19(1):1–38, 2011.

Andrea Gualmini and Bernhard Schwarz. Solving learnability problems in the acquisition of semantics. Journal of Semantics, 26(2):185–215, 2009.

Bernhard Schwarz. Scalar additive particles in negative contexts. Natural Language Semantics, 13(2):125–168, 2005.

Bernhard Schwarz. On the syntax of either... or. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 17(2):339–370, 1999.