Full-Time Faculty at a Glance

Professors Specializations
Luis Alonso-Ovalle Semantics, Pragmatics, Spanish
Charles Boberg Language Variation and Change, Dialectology, North American English
Meghan Clayards Phonetics, Speech Perception
Jessica Coon Syntax, Morphology, Mayan, Algonquian, Field Methodology, Language Documentation and Revitalization
Brendan Gillon Semantics, Pragmatics, Sanskrit Linguistics, Chinese (Mandarin and Classical)
Heather Goad Phonology, First Language Acquisition, Second Language Acquisition
Timothy O'Donnell Computational Models of Language Learning and Processing, Mathematical Linguistics, Probabilistic Inference
Bernhard Schwarz Semantics, Pragmatics, German
Junko Shimoyama Syntax, Syntax/Semantics Interface, East Asian Languages
Morgan Sonderegger Phonology, Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Language Variation and Change, Quantitative Methods
Francisco Torreira Phonetics, Intonation, Prosody, Interactional Linguistics
Lisa Travis Syntax, Morphology, Language Variation and Language Change, Austronesian (Malagasy, Tagalog)
Michael Wagner Prosody/Syntax, Prosody/Semantics, Phonology, Language Processing

Emeritus Faculty