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Biobar General Order Form

Information about Roche orders

Following the new distribution agreement starting July 1st 2015, Sigma-Aldrich will be the exclusive distributor of ROCHE’s portfolio of biochemical reagents (BR) and kits. Roche will continue to serve you with products and support for Nucleic Acid Purification and qPCR, including the LightCycler and MagNA Pure instruments and reagents, which you may still order via the GCRC Biobar. For more details, please view the following documents:

ROCHE Distribution Agreement
List of qPCR Products still available through ROCHE
ROCHE Products Transferred to Sigma

    FroggaBio & Thermo Fisher orders

    FroggaBio orders and Thermo Fisher Scientific orders must be placed directly with the vendors using the Biobar account number. Instructions for setting up an account can be found by linking to the following documents:

    How to Create Your Thermo Fisher Scientific Account (formerly Life Technologies Inc.)
    Thermo Fisher Scientific PunchOut Quick Reference Guide
    FroggaBio Instructions

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