Graduate students

  Loan period1 Max number of renewals1 Max number of items Overdue fines Recall fines
Books, journals, scores, maps2,3 4 months unlimited 80 n/a $5.00/day
Audio/video materials 4 months unlimited 20 n/a $5.00/day

Course reserves4
(including Library equipment)

3 hours/ 1 day / 2 days6 0 3 $0.02/minute7 n/a
Course reserves - audio/video 4 hours 0 3 $0.02/minute7 n/a

To borrow items:

  • Use one of our self-check machines using your McGill University student ID, or
  • Present your McGill University student ID at one of the Library Services Desks.

  1. Subject to recall.
  2. Students from the McGill School of Continuing Studies and McGill Community of Lifelong Learning enjoy the same borrowing privileges as McGill undergraduate students.
  3. PhD students whose McGill ID expires December 31 may have their borrowing privileges extended until the date their thesis is due. Either an email or a signed letter from the student's faculty administrator or thesis advisor must be sent to a Loans Supervisor at the appropriate library. (N.B. the email must be sent from a valid McGill address.)
  4. Course reserves items must be returned to the branch library from which they were borrowed.
  5. Course reserve items on 3 hour loan can be borrowed overnight if they are borrowed within 3 hours before the closing of Library Services. Course reserve items borrowed overnight will be due back one hour after Library Services begin the next day.
  6. Most Music Library equipment loans have a regular borrowing period of two days plus a night (due one hour after opening on the third day from the start of the loan). 
  7. Library fines are calculated 24 hours/day.

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