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Sources for Background Information

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias

Searching the Library Catalogue

Use the basic word(s) anywhere or advanced keyword search in the library catalogue. You can search using words like - phenomenology, phenomenol?, philosoph?, etc.

Search tips

Truncation symbol: ? e.g. philosoph? will retrieve catalogue records containing the words philosophy, philosophical, philosophie, philosophisch, etc.
Phrase searching: "___" e.g. "scottish enlightenment" will retrieve catalogue records containing the phrase scottish enlightenment
Boolean operators: (), AND, OR, NOT
default: AND
e.g. hume AND (realism OR "scottish enlightenment") will retrieve catalogue records containing the word hume AND either realism OR the phrase scottish enlightenment

Core and Additional Databases

Periodical indexes for Philosophy and closely-related disciplines. These indexes enable the researcher to find articles, books, conference proceedings and articles in collections by subject or author. All databases have an "advanced search" option where multiple terms can be combined in various ways. The "FindIt" button will take you to the electronic version of the article if there is one and if the Library subscribes to it. The McGill Library currently subscribes to something over 30,000 electronic journals. Click on "Info?" for a detailed description of the database contents and coverage.

Very large, multi-subject periodical indexes. There is a lot of philosophical content in these databases and very many full-text files of journal articles. Years of coverage vary greatly.

Full-text journal resources. The following are very large files of important journals.

  • Philosophy Online Serials (formerly Poiesis, contains the full-text of many important philosophy journals. McGill subscribes to just under half of the titles. If you click on the "Search" button, an advanced search form will appear. These journals should be indexed in Philosopher's Index and International Philosophical Bibliography, above.
  • JSTOR is a retrospective archive of important journals including many titles of interest to students of philosophy. As part of its mandate, JSTOR does not compete with publishers and the files are only added after a delay of three to five years. Hence the most recent scholarship is usually absent from JSTOR files. These journals should be indexed in Philosopher's Index and International Philosophical Bibliography, above.

Selected Internet Sites

Accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Other Resources

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