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Sources for Background Information

Searching the Library Catalogue

Use the basic search or advanced search in the WorldCat catalogue. You can search using words like - antibiotic, biochem?, molecul?, etc.

Search tips for the library catalogue

Truncation symbol: ? e.g. biochem? will retrieve catalogue records containing the words biochemist, biochemistry, biochemical, etc.
Phrase searching: "___" e.g. "cell migration" will retrieve catalogue records containing the phrase cell migration
Boolean operators: (), AND, OR, NOT
default: AND
e.g. biochemistry AND (methods OR research) will retrieve catalogue records containing the word biochemistry and either methods or research

Get more catalogue search tips.

Search the Library catalogue: Keyword(s):

You can also browse the catalogue, or the shelves at the following National Library of Medicine Classification call numbers

Call Number Subject
QU Biochemistry
  QU 55-70 Proteins. Amino Acids. Peptides
  QU 75-99 Carbohydrates. Lipids
  QU 100-133 Biochemistry of the Human Body
  QU 135-144 Enzymes
  QU 145-220 Vitamins
  QU 300-500 Cells and Genetics

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