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  • Formerly Dave's Math Tables
  • Changes the value you input to the value of the parameter you select. Choice of over 1200 parameters. From FLW Inc.
  • Extensive list of links to converters for avoirdupois, troy, nautical equivalents, ASCII (hex, decimal), carbon 14 dating, chemical, electrical, cooking, radioactivity, Java, engineering units, micro images, etc. From About.com (ex-Mining Company).
  • Converters, modern and historical units and measures, interactive Periodic Table of Elements, table of Fundamental Physical Constants, tables of US and UK capacities and some older UK/Imperial measures for hay, butter, yarn, coal, flour, timber, wool weights, book and paper sizes, etc.
  • Temperature, currency, area, astronomy, beer, butter, computer storage, length, speed, time, volume, weight, wine.
  • Acceleration, Area, Circular/Angle, Clothing/Shoe Size, Computer Storage, Cooking, Currency, Data Transfer, Date/Time, Density, Electrical, Energy/Work Unit, FlowRate, Force, Frequency, Length/Distance, Light, Power, Pressure, Radiation, Sound, Speed, Temperature, Torque, Viscosity, Volume, and Weight/Mass conversions.



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