Soil Map of the World

 Screenshot of the Digital Map of the World

The Digitized Soil Map of the World at 1:5.000.000 scale consists of 66 EXPORT Files, arranged in ten continental areas. There are also an expansion file, and a text file labelled NOTES.

The ten major continental regions are:

  • Africa (10 export files),
  • North America (8 export files),
  • Central America (2 export files),
  • South America (7 export files),
  • Europe and West of the Ural (8 export files),
  • Central and North East Asia (8 export files),
  • Near East (3 export files),
  • Far East (7 export files),
  • South East Asia (6 export files)
  • Australasia (7 export files)

Annex II gives a detailed listing of the names and contents of each file. Annex III gives a world list of countries, their codes and the continental group to which they belong.

These NOTES describe briefly (i) the elements of the legend of the Soil Map of the World (Mapping Unit, Soil Unit, etc.), (ii) the structure of the database linked to the digitized version of the Soil Map, and (iii) the expansion file of the Soil database.

The present version (3.6) of the digitized Soil Map of the World has been cleaned of errors both in the database and in the lines constituting the digitized map itself.

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