Using eScholarship@McGill

Searching eScholarship@McGill

To access and browse the digital repository, go to

The entire contents of the repository—both the descriptions and full text of papers—are keyword searchable. ePrints can be retrieved by faculty and department while eTheses can be retrieved by faculty/department, by degree or by subject. The repository can also be searched by title, creator, supervisor (eTheses), date or subject.

The documents can be downloaded and saved, or printed.

Electronic theses are also fully catalogued and appear in the Library Catalogue.



When trying to open an item from eScholarship@McGill I get a message that the file is corrupt.

Some browser configurations will result in an error message which when attempting to open larger theses.  We have found that following configurations will generally solve the problem.

Configure the browser to open Acrobat as a separate application instead of within FireFox as follows:
Tools -- Options -- Applications -- Adobe Acrobat Document' change "Use Adobe Acrobat (in FireFox)" to "Use Adobe Acrobat (default)" in the dropdown.

Internet Explorer
Increase the amount of disk space available for the browser:
'Tools -- Internet Options -- Advanced -- Security -- Empty temp internet files at close’ set to ‘YES’
‘Tools -- Internet Options -- General -- Temporary Internet Files -- Settings’ increase "amount of disk space to use" as appropriate.

Configure the browser to open Acrobat as a separate application instead of within Chrome as follows:
Go to the Chrome plugins page (URL: chrome://plugins).
Locate the entry for 'Chrome PDF Viewer' and click 'disable'.

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