McGill student research legacy project

Share your student research project with the world, preserve it for posterity and for future generations to discover.

Did you know McGill has over 5000 student projects and papers within its collection? These projects live in print form in the McGill Libraries.

To celebrate McGill’s bicentennial, we want to share student research with the world via McGill’s open repository eScholarship. These papers were often course projects for masters programs in areas such as social work, nursing, architecture, and management among others. 

eScholarship exists in an online, open-access environment, making it easy for people all over the world to find and access the University’s published research output

Fast facts:

How can I see if my paper in is in the Libraries?

  • Search your name in the library catalogue
    • Tip! Search lastname, firstname in quotes
    • e.g. “Goldsmith, John-Henry”

Can’t find anything? Let us know: escholarship.library [at]

How can I get my paper digitized?

Email escholarship.library [at] with your name and the name of your paper. We’ll send you a waiver form to sign which gives us digitization rights.

Please note that the Libraries will review the papers before digitization. We may not be able to digitize all requests due to copyright of any 3rd party materials or privacy concerns.

Feedback & questions

  • Email escholarship.library [at]

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