POLI 361 Political Participation in Comparative Perspective

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    Library catalogue

    Search WorldCat to find books, journals, articles, and other resources, in both print or electronic format, related to your topic. Remember that you will often have to search for words that are broader than your question.

    For example, find books and other resources on the following topics:

    Tip: Begin with a keyword search, click on the title of an item that seems relevant to your research topic, then scroll down the page and click on the subject term(s) listed at the bottom of the record to find more resources on that specific topic.


    Article indexes and databases

    Locate scholarly articles using one of the following suggested databases.

    Multidisciplinary databases

    Mass media and activism

    Political participation and policy


    Social survey data and statistics

    A more complete list of social science data resources can be found here.

    Some of the datasets are available for online analysis and can be downloaded directly, while others may be available through the McGill Library. For assistance accessing data from any of these resources, please contact the michael.groenendyk [at] mcgill.ca (Data Librarian).

    Public Opinion Research

    Country Profiles


    Elections and other background information


    Current news sources

    Find international news articles in English and other languages.


    Alternative media

    • Alternative Mass Media / News Web Sites Web Archive
      Contains periodically archived News Web sites, the web sites of electronic journals and newspapers, radio and television stations, as well as blogs, and other formats. Maintained by New York University Libraries
    • Alternative Media Global Project
      A website devoted to recording information on alternative, radical, citizens, community, independent, militant, autonomous, media throughout the world. Includes bibliographies, maps, chronologies and more as well as media archives
    • Z Net
      A suite of websites that compile alternative views on politics, the economy, social issues and more


    Lobby groups


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