POLI 328 and POLI 475: Modern Politics in Europe

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    1. Information about parties and elections


    Reference works

    2. Article indexes and databases

    Locate scholarly articles using one of these suggested databases.

    3. Reports and country profiles

    For statistics and analysis on immigration, unemployment, and more.

    Social Surveys

    Click here to access social survey data links compiled by the library's Electronic Data Resource Service

    Data includes:

    • Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
    • EuroBarometers
    • International Social Survey Project
    • World Values Survey
    • National Election Studies: esp. US, UK... & others
    • Institute for Social Research
    • Roper Center
    • Equinox
    • Council of European Social Science Data Archives [CESSDA]
    • Help with SPSS software

    4. Library catalogue

    Search the library catalogue to find academic books and book chapters related to your topic. Remember that you will often have to search for words that are broader than your question. You can also search for a specific country and key words like elections or parties. Here are some sample searches:

    5. Other guides

    Guides to resources in:

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