CPRL 520 Applied Public Relations Communication

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Prepared for Prof. Louis Fortier

Assignment 1

The Humanities & Social Sciences Library receives a print copy of the New York Times daily. It can be located on the main floor of the McLennan building in the newspaper room.

For information on op-eds and editorials, see this article from the New York Times. 

Recommended Newspapers

See also PressDisplay (a database of fully scanned images of newspapers from around the world)

Assignment 2 & 3

Review the charity’s/client’s website as well as their annual report.

Who is our target audience?

  • Stats Can Community Profiles 2006 & 2011 - Provides demographic information (sex, age, income etc) for residents of a particular postal code in Canada.
  • PMB-  Provides demographic makeup of Canadian consumers of a particular product (such as banking services), see this video for instructions in use. Note: Works only in Internet Explorer & Mozilla.
  • FP Markets Canadian Demographics 2012 - Provides demographic information (sex, age, income etc) for residents by city in Canada. More up to date than the Stats Can Community Profiles.
  • Statistics Canada- provides a variety of statistics on the Canadian population

What is the best way to reach them?

For demographic information on magazine subscribers and television viewers see:

  • PMB-  See the PMB Spring 2012 tab à Readershipà Demographics of Readers.

For trends in ecommerce and social media see:

  • eMarketer - Agreggator of statistics on social media and ecommerce.

For a listing of different media outlets & media trends in Canada see:

See also this list of books on campaigns and writing style in PR.

See also  Garner’s modern American usage


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