Special Intensive English Level 4

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    This course guide lists resources for the poetry assignment in Special Intensive English 4 (CEGL 343). For other resources related to courses in English as a second language, visit this Subject Guide.

    1. Poets and biographies

    • Literature Resource Center
      Click on Authors By Type. Under Genre, select poetry. Under Author Nationality, choose your country.
    • Literature Online
      In the Authors section, you can find the names of authors from a particular country. Sometimes there will be biographical information. In the Criticism & Reference section, click on Reference. Here you can search for your country and the subject “poetry” to find biographies.
    • Dictionary of Literary Biography (online)
      Best for European poets (Spanish, Italian, French). On the Browse Volumes page, look for your country in the list
    • Columbia Granger's Poetry Database
      This database usually lists the names of the poets’ works. Sometimes you will need to check the library catalogue to see if we have the poets’ books. Includes biographies of some poets.
    • Poetry Criticism
    • Poetry Translation Centre
      A small collection of poems translated into English. Biographical information about the poets is also included. As of July 2009, the site contains poems from: Afghanistan, Brazil, Cape Verde, Chile, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kurdistan, Mexico, Mozambique, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Somalia, South Korea, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Western Sahara.

    2. General encyclopedias


    3. Finding Books

    To find books, use the basic word(s) anywhere or advanced keyword search in the library catalogue. You can search using words like "chinese poetry" and so on

    Search tips

    Truncation symbol: ? e.g. poe? will retrieve catalogue records containing the words poems, poets, poetry, etc.
    Phrase searching: "___" e.g. "chinese poetry" will retrieve catalogue records containing the phrase Chinese poetry
    Boolean operators: (), AND, OR, NOT e.g. poetry AND (Iranian OR Persian) will retrieve catalogue records containing the word poetry AND either Iranian OR Persian

    4. Books for specific countries

    6. Other Resources

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