Room A - Visualization Studio


The Visualization Studio can be booked between 8AM and 5PM, Monday to Friday.

Finding us

Redpath Library Complex (map).
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C9



research.commons [at] 

The Room A - Visualization Studio is a large group meeting and presentation space featuring a video wall made up of eight 55-inch screens and a powerful computer to facilitate data visualizations, fine-level examination of images, and other work requiring a large projection area.

Room A is equipped with 18 moveable tables that can be configured in many settings. The tables can also be folded flat and moved to the side to set the room up in theater style.

The room can hold up to 50 attendees maximum.

Room A can be used by current McGill students, faculty and staff for research-related events and training sessions. Priority will be given to events utilizing the room's technology and those sponsored by the Research Commons partner units. To request a booking or for more information, please email research.commons [at] 

Data visualization wall

The video wall's eight 55-inch screens are in a 4x2 configuration and can be manipulated using VuWall software from the local computer or tablet, or by using your own laptop or mobile device and connecting via web address. Research Commons staff will provide training on the use of the wall and detailed instructions are available in the room. The wall can simultaneously display items from many different inputs. In addition to the presenter, others can add their device as an input by installing the VuWallLite client (available by sending a request to research.commons [at]  )

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