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Montreal Maps (and the Province of Quebec)

Montreal maps span the years 1556 to 1940. Examples of these are: Gastaldi's La Terra de Hochelaga nella Nova Francia (1556) from Ramusio's Navagationi, John Adams' Map of the city and suburbs of Montreal (1825) and James Cane's Topographical and pictorial map of the city of Montreal (1846). Early maps of Quebec include the manuscript map of Samuel Gale and John B. Duberger's Plan of part of the Province of Lower Canada, 1794 & 1795, Jean Deshayes La grande rivière de Canada (1715) and Gabriel Pelegrin's manuscript map Fleuve de Saint Laurent, 1755. The Division has four major collections of fire insurance atlases for Montreal: Henry W. Hopkins Atlas of the city and island of Montreal (1879), Chas. E. Goad's Atlas of the city of Montreal (1890), Pinsoneault Atlas of the island and city of Montreal (1906) and Chas. E. Goad's Atlas of the city of Montreal and vicinity 4 vols. (1911-14). There are also a number of county atlases for the province, as well as fire insurance maps for about 100 cities and towns in the province, dated 1896-ca 1940. Of particular interest is Canada[:] Plans of barracks or War Department property zincographed in the Topographical Department of the War Office ; Col. Sir Henry James, Director. (London: War Office, Topographical Department, 1862) with its twelve maps of Quebec City, Sorel, Montreal and Kingston, Ontario.


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