Lawrence Lande Collection of Canadiana

The original part of the Lande Canadiana Collection, named after its benefactor, Dr. Lawrence Lande, was acquired in 1965, and comprised some 2300 items. To this original donation several additions were made between 1965 and 1975, both by gift and purchase. The Lande Collection now consists of some 6,800 items, including pamphlets, maps, prints (among them over fifty early views of Montreal), periodicals, government documents and broadsides, as well as books. Records for the holdings are in the McGill Library on-line catalogue.

The Lande Collection contains material on the discovery and exploration of Canada, and its historical development to the end of the nineteenth century. Outstanding among the descriptions of early discoveries are Thevet's Les singularitez de la France antarctique, autrement nommée amerique...(1558) and Wytfliet's Histoire universelle des Indes orientales et occidentales'...(1605), which has some of the earliest maps of Canada. The Jesuit Relations, of which the Collection holds thirteen seventeenth-century editions, are an invaluable primary source for the study of the early French Regime in Canada. Among other areas of concentration are the search for the Northwest Passage and Arctic exploration, the controversy over Confederation, and early Canadian imprints. One of the highlights of this last group is the first book printed in Montreal, Fleury Mesplet's Réglement de la Confrerie de l'adoration perpétuelle du S. Sacrement et de la bonne mort (1776). An insight into early Canadian social history is provided by the personal narratives of such travellers as Kalm, Lambert, Weld, Heriot, Landmann, Bonnycastle and by the more than 200 ephemeral items which include broadsides, circulars and sheet music.

The Arkin Collection was assembled by the Winnipeg collector Nathan Arkin and purchased with Dr. Lande's assistance in 1966. This material concentrates on the development of the Prairie Provinces and British Columbia during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with special emphasis on the Northwest Rebellions, the Manitoba School Question and immigration literature. Records for the holdings are in the McGill Library on-line catalogue.

Two smaller collections, donated in 1975, centre upon First Nations peoples and the work of the Moravian missionaries among the Inuit of Labrador. The Moravian material consists of long runs of nineteenth-century missionary reports, German-language religious and educational texts and translations into Inuktitut of large portions of the scriptures. Records for the holdings of this collection is in the McGill Library on-line catalogue. The First Nations material includes religious and education texts prepared by missionaries in a variety of native languages. One of this collection's rarities is Father Lacombe's pictorial catechism or "Catholic Ladder", widely used in the Western missions. Records for the holdings of this collection is in the McGill Library on-line catalogue.

Description: The Lawrence Lande Collection of Canadiana in the Redpath Library of McGill University. Montreal: Lawrence Lande Foundation for Canadian Historical Research, 1965 (catalogue record); Rare and Unusual Canadiana. Montreal: McGill University, 1971 (catalogue record); The Moravian Missions to the Eskimos of Labrador: A Checklist of Manuscripts and Printed Materials from 1715 to 1967, Supplemented by Other Works on the Eskimo of Canada. Montreal: McGill University, 1973 (catalogue record); A Checklist of Printed and Manuscript Material Relating to the Canadian Indian, Also Relating to the Pacific North West Coast. Montreal: McGill University, 1974 (catalogue record).


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