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French History and Literature

The collection contains a variety of materials documenting French history and literature. There are a number of fragments of early French literary texts including two leaves from a copy of the "Chevalier du Cygne" dated c. 1300. There is a copy dated c. 1660 of the "Receul [sic] des actes de tous les Sinodes Royaume de France", 1559-1660. There are also six volumes of "Extracts concernant les Antiquités Françaises" by Jean Baptiste de la Curne de Sainte Palaye (1768) and a copy of Henri de Boulainvilliers "Essay de metaphysique dans le principe de B*** de Spinosa" (c. 1700). As well, there is a variety of documents concerning the Revolution and more particularly Napoleon. Note should also be made of the letters of Julie de Vietinghoff, Baronne de Krudener, of Juliette Lamber Adam and of Ernest Renan.


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