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Eighteenth-century French Literature

Rare Books has significant holdings of eighteenth-century French literature including thirty-seven original and later editions of many of the works by Nicolas-Edme Restif de la Bretonne. For Louis Sébastien Mercier there are four eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century editions of L'an deux mille quatre cent quarante as well as two English translations from the same period and other works. Other authors represented include Crébillon Père (1674-1762), Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, Bernard de Fontenelle, Mme. de Graffigny (Lettres d'une peruvienne) and Jean Henri Maubert de Gouvest (Lettres iroquoises). There are copies of Charles Garnier's Voyages imaginaires... (1787-1789), Charles Mayer's Le cabinet des fées et autres contes merveilleux (1785-1789) and a long run of Bibliothèque universelle des romans (1775-1781). There are also important holdings of many of the minor risqué works of the century such as Le Parnasse libertin, ou, Recueil de poésies libres (1775), Contes des fées nouvelles...le tout dédie à la volupté (1776) or Les Gaillardises du Frère Maurice, de l'ordre hospitalier des Moines Débauchés (1785). All of this material is complemented by and complements the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Collection.


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